2018 Oregon Short Film Festival Event Recap

Oregon Short Film Festival 2018 Event Photo DSC_1852

The Oregon Short Film Festival Is Growing!

The energy of independent film was on full display at the Oregon Short Film Festival 2018. On February 3rd, 2018 in Portland, Oregon, over 400 people attended 10 Hours of International Short Film Sessions and the Awards show at Hobnob Grill. Filmmakers travelled from Peru, Boston, China, Los Angeles, New York, Scotland, Seattle, Bend (Oregon), Vancouver BC, Phoenix and so much more. Compared to the first Oregon Short Film Festival which feature 2 hours of films and about 80 attendees, the third Oregon Short Film Festival was a blockbuster success.

Oregon Short Film Festival 2018 Mirror Like Event Photo DSC_1626

"Mirror Like" Directed by Wataska From Peru. Best Science Fiction Film Award Winner

The Judges Gave Away 25 Different Awards

In a perfect world, there would be an award for every single film we screened. It's a difficult process for the judges to narrow down each award winner, but we came to a consensus and here are the winners.

  1. "Best Short Screenplay" Award Winner "The Magic Trick" Written by "Magic Trick" Written by Gerald Teaster & Kelley Cantrell (Blacksburg, Virginia)
  2. "Best Action Film" Award Winner "Dead End" Directed by Carter Ferguson (Scotland)
  3. "Best Animated Film" Award Winner "Going Outside" Directed by Curtis Randolph (Portland, Oregon)
  4. "Best Comedy Film" Award Winner “CUCK!” Directed by Richard Jensen (Ashland, Oregon)
  5. "Best Documentary Film" Award Winner “Cockpit” Directed by Luke Malone (New York City)
  6. "Best Drama Film" Award Winner “The Man with the Axe” Directed by Edwin Stevens (Glendale, California)
  7. "Best Horror Film" Award Winner "The Freeze" Directed by Trevor Mirosh (Vancouver, BC)
  8. "Best Music Video" Award Winner “DRTYDNCN - Turn Up - Music Video” Directed by Ana Valenzuela (Portland, Oregon)
  9. "Best Science Fiction Film" Award Winner “Mirror Like” Directed by Wataska W. (Peru)
  10. "Best Experimental Film" Award Winner “Monday” Directed by Candice Vallantin (Spain)
  11. "Best Actor" Award Winner Jack Plotnick in "Dog Music"
  12. "Best Actress" Award Winner Teagan Kee in "Windmills - The Black Rose"
  13. "Best Costume" Award Winner “Break the Will” Directed by Jonathan Siebel (Los Angeles, California)
  14. "Best Cinematography" Award Winner "Laboratory Conditions" DP Ben Kutchins (New York)
  15. "Best Director" Award Winner Nana Ghana for "Electing"
  16. "Best Ensemble Cast" Award Winner "(virtualized)" Directed by Isaiah Corey (Seattle, Washington)
  17. "Best Film Editing" Award Winner "A Fine Cycle" Directed by Derek Willis (Portland, Oregon)
  18. "Best Oregon Film" Award Winner "Propaganja" Directed by Patrick Servais (Portland, Oregon)
  19. "Best Original Music" Award Winner "Phantom Of Rebel Road" by Charles Wall (Portland, Oregon)
  20. "Best Picture Award" Winner "Be Good Now" Directed by Tyler Roberts (Seattle, Washington)
  21. "Best Supporting Actor" Award Winner Falk Hentschel in "The Pick Up"
  22. "Best Supporting Actress" Award Winner Samantha Desman in "Cello"
  23. "Best International Film" Award Winner “Reunion” Directed by Leon Lee (Vancouver, Canada)
  24. Best International Director Award Winner Leanne Mangan for “The Morning After” (Australia)
  25. Best Micro Short Film Award Winner "The Friend Zone" Directed by Chelsea Roach (New York, NY)
Oregon Short Film Festival 2018 Break The Will DSC_1619

“Break the Will” Directed by Jonathan Siebel (Los Angeles, California) "Best Costume" Award Winner

“Windmills - The Black Rose” Director Ricky Kelley DSC_1612

“Windmills - The Black Rose” Director Ricky Kelley

Propaganja Director Patrick Servais Oregon Short Film Festival 2018 Event Photo DSC_1604

Director Patrick Servais with Cast and Crew of "Propaganja" "Best Oregon Film" Award Winner

Director Ana Valenzuela Best Music Video Award Oregon Short Film Festival 2018 DSC_1694-2
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