2018 Oregon Short Film Festival Official Selections

Oregon Short Film Festival 2018 CUCK! Director DSC_1662

100 Short Films Selected. 

The judges of the Oregon Short Film Festival 2018 have announced 100 short film selections set for theatrical screening in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, February 3rd, 2018. 

Oregon Short Film Festival 2018: Film Official Selections

  1. “(virtualized)” Directed by Isaiah Corey (Seattle, Washington)
  2. “7 Days a Week” Directed by Justen Noll (Dallas, Oregon)
  3. “A Fine Cycle” Directed by Derek Willis (Portland, Oregon)
  4. “Aether” Directed by Jerry Brown Jr. (Brooklyn, New York)
  5. “After We Have Left Our Homes” Directed by Marc Adams (United Kingdom)
  6. “Autopsy” Directed by Adam Long (Portland, Oregon)
  7. Be Good Now” Directed by Tyler Roberts (Seattle, Washington)
  8. “Be Sexy” Directed by Steve Thompson (Brooklyn, New York)
  9. Break the Will” Directed by Jonathan Siebel (Los Angeles, California)
  10. “Brothers” Directed by Randy Kerr (Mukilteo, Washington)
  11. Caronte” Directed by Luis Tinoco Pineda (Spain)
  12. Cat” Directed by Eric Lindstrom (Portland, Oregon)
  13. “Cello” Directed by Angie Su (Santa Monica, California)
  14. “Close Encounters of the Literal Kind, Literally” Directed by Tobias Tobbell (United Kingdom)
  15. “Cockpit” Directed by Luke Malone (New York City)
  16. “Cogent” Directed by Ray Vagge (Lincoln Park, New Jersey)
  17. “Comme en France”Directed by Edoardo Galeone (United Kingdom)
  18. “Control” Directed by Carroll Brown (Newhall, California)
  19. “Cubicle” Directed by Mischa Livingstone (Los Angeles, California)
  20. “CUCK!” Directed by Richard Jensen (Ashland, Oregon)
  21. “Dead End” Directed by Carter Ferguson (Scotland)
  22. “Dear Life” Directed by Cody Marks (Los Angeles, California)
  23. “Do No Harm” Directed by Marielle Woods (Santa Monica, California)
  24. “Dog Music” Directed by Chris Riggi (Studio City, California)
  25. “Doug's House” Directed by Jeff Gentner (Savannah, Georgia)
  26. “Dream Detective” Directed by Hugh Schulze (Chicago, Alabama)
  27. DRTYDNCN - Turn Up - Music Video” Directed by Ana Valenzuela (Portland, Oregon)
  28. Electing” Directed by Nana Ghana (Los Angeles, California)
  29. “Eve” Directed by Artem Skiy (Tokyo, Japan)
  30. Fluffy Marky - Vol 2” Directed by Benoit Lach (Montreal, Canada)
  31. "Fruit Detective" Directed by Ellpetha Tsivicos (New York, NY)
  32. “Future Genesis” Directed by Alexandre (Monroe, New York)
  33. Game” Directed by Joy Webster (Canada)
  34. “Going Outside” Directed by Curtis Randolph (Portland, Oregon)
  35. Hamburgers” Directed by Patrick Mallett (Naperville, Illinois)
  36. "Hearts Want" Directed by Jason P. Schumacher (Savage, Minnesota)
  37. “Ichiro and the Wave” Directed by Isaac Kerlow (Singapore)
  38. “Iconoclast” Directed by Alex Haney (Los Angeles, California)
  39. “Invisible Oregon” Directed by Sam Forencich (Portland, Oregon)
  40. “Just Be There” Directed by Ulla Nagy (Budapest, Hungary)
  41. Laboratory Conditions” Directed by Jocelyn Stamat (Los Angeles)
  42. “Lady Lillian” Directed by Amber Johnson (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  43. Legends of the Falls” Directed by Stefan Kuchar (Toronto, Canada)
  44. “Lethe” Directed by Eric Romero (United Kingdom)
  45. “Love Note" Directed by Marcus Hanisch (Germany)
  46. “Lovely Legs” Directed by Abby Thompson (Vancouver, Washington)
  47. “Margaret” Directed by Javier Del Olmo (United Kingdom)
  48. Marieke” Directed by Thomas C. Johnson (Decorah, Iowa)
  49. “Meathead” Directed by Ben Ashby (United States)
  50. “Men Should Be” Directed by Pearson Kunz (Portland, Oregon)
  51. Mirror Like” Directed by Watasaka W. (Peru)
  52. Monday” Directed by Candice Vallantin (Spain)
  53. “Mother Mary” Directed by Elliot Feld (USA)
  54. “My Darling Alex” Directed by Brett Tinning (Australia)
  55. “NAMCAR Night Race” Directed by Lance Khazei (Los Angeles, California)
  56. “Nineteen” Directed by Elizabeth Archer (Austria)
  57. “Older Than What?” Directed by Steen Starr (Toronto, Canada)
  58. “Open Exhibition” Directed by Bobby McCallen , Tommy Tang (Seattle, Washington)
  59. Others Will Follow” Directed by Andrew Finch (Glendale, California)
  60. “Passion Gap” Directed by Matt Portman, Jason Donald (United Kingdom)
  61. “Phantom Of Rebel Road ”Directed by Charles Wall (Portland, Oregon)
  62. “Piano Lessons” Directed by H.R. KeanSanta (Barbara, California)
  63. “Pie and Whiskey” Directed by Chase Ogden (Cheney, Washington)
  64. Prep Talk” Directed by Michael Wagner, Susan Lehman (Pennsylvania)
  65. Propaganja "Directed by Patrick Servais & Paul Pedreira (Portland, Oregon)
  66. “Reunion” Directed by Leon Lee (Vancouver, Canada)
  67. “Rewinder” Directed by Jean-Luc Julien (Germany)
  68. “Saturday Night Special” Directed by Esteban Garcia Vernaza (New York City)
  69. “Scattered” Directed by Ellie Harvie (Vancouver, Canada)
  70. “Speed Date” Directed by Scott Cameron Sells (Portland, Oregon)
  71. “Sticker Shock” Directed by Taylor Morden (Bend, Oregon)
  72. “Stowaway” Directed by Kenneth Anderson (New York City)
  73. “SuperFluff” Directed by EK Scarfone (Seattle, Washington)
  74. "Tender Tides" Directed by Justin Norman (Iowa)
  75. The Curtain” Directed by Crystal Lowe (Vancouver, Canada)
  76. The Discovery of Dit Dodson” Directed by Kelley Kali (Tarrytown, New York)
  77. The Energy Within” Directed by Samuel de Ceccatty (United Kingdom)
  78. “The Field Trip” Directed by Shun Lee (Valley Village, California)
  79. “The Freeze” Directed by Trevor Mirosh (Canada)
  80. "The Friend Zone" Directed by Chelsea Roach (New York, NY)
  81. “The Inuring” Directed by James Hughes (United Kingdom)
  82. The Kid and the Hitman” Directed by Melinda Darlington-Bach (San Francisco, California)
  83. “The Korean Farmer” Directed by Marshall Lee (Franklin, Tennessee)
  84. “The Man with the Axe” Directed by Edwin Stevens (Glendale, California)
  85. “The Morning After” Directed by Leanne Mangan (Australia)
  86. “The New Neighborhood” Directed by Brynne McManimie (Brooklyn, New York)
  87. “The Pick Up” Directed by Taylor Morden (Bend, Oregon)
  88. “The Pirate Cruncher” Directed by Howard Cook (Denver, Colorado)
  89. “The Reunion” Directed by Joy Linn (Austin, Texas)
  90. “The Show” Directed by Montgomery Mauro (New York City)
  91. “The Visitant” Directed by Nic Barker (Australia)
  92. “There's Something About The Virgin Mary” Directed by Kevin McSorley (Ireland)
  93. “Think Twice” Directed by Eliaz Rodriguez (Chicago, Illinois)
  94. To Wendy Who Kicked Me When I Said I Love You” Directed by Dan Castella (United Kingdom)
  95. “Unnatural Selection” Directed by Geneviève Delouche (France)
  96. “View Master Mind” Directed by Robert Schmeltzer (Oak Grove, Oregon)
  97. “We Hate Bob” Directed by JC Farris (Chicago, Illinois)
  98. “What Remains of You” Directed by Kevin Dresse (France)
  99. Windmills - The Black Rose” Directed by Ricky Kelley (Novato, California)
  100. “Yes Mummy ... I mean Coach!” Directed by Dan Tambling (United Kingdom)
“Break The Will” Directed by Jonathan Siebel
A Phenomenal Period Drama From Director Jonathan SiebelBreak The Will, Directed by Jonathan Siebel is an Oregon Short Film Festival[...]
“Close Encounters of the Literal Kind Literally” Directed By Tobias Tobbell
Tobias Tobbell’s Hipster Science Fiction In the midst of an abduction, two hipsters may have found love. Two hipsters are[...]
“Men Should Be” Directed by Pearson Kunz
Overview Men Should Be, Directed by Pearson Kunz is an official selection of the Oregon Short Film Festival 2018. Tagline:[...]

Oregon Short Film Festival 2018:  Screenplay Official Selections

  1. "Baggage" Written by Shaun Radecki (Portland, Oregon)
  2. "Before I Wake" Written by Alex Chehrazi (Canada)
  3. "Cliff Effect" Written by Esra Cengel (Turkey)
  4. "Costume Drama" Written by Marion McDowell (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
  5. "Cuckoo" Written by Louise Johnson (London, England)
  6. "Diggum" Written by Isaac Thorne (Franklin, Tennessee)
  7. "Dreadangels.com" written by Guillermo Ortiz (Puerto Rico) & Katie Sullivan (Michigan)
  8. "GCC Strong" Written by Keegan Moore (Roseburg, Oregon)
  9. "Grifters Drifters And Hipsters" Written by Greg Taylor and David Kilgo (Los Angeles, California)
  10. "Hard Music" Written by Jon Ware (Maryland)
  11. "I-16" Written by Margina Sisson (Torrance, California)
  12. "Lunar Flight" Written by Verena Braun (Germany) - Read This Screenplay
  13. "Magic Trick" Written by Gerald Teaster & Kelley Cantrell (Blacksburg, Virginia)
  14. "Melville" Written by Jeremy Storey (Seattle, Washington)
  15. "Murder Plotz" (Pilot episode of 'Brooklyn Deli') Written by Jim Norman (United States)
  16. "New Hollywood" Written by Rob Weinstein (Hopkinton, Massachussetts)
  17. "New Year's With The Devil" Written by Maurizio Lai (Italy)
  18. "Pen & Pencil" Written by Devone Jones (San Diego, California)
  19. "Plunge" Written by Lance Roger Axt (Bellingham, Washington)
  20. "Run" Written by Curtis Lyons (Stone Mountain, Georgia)
  21. "Run" Written by Dadrea Heron (Canada)
  22. "Sadie Sasquash" Written by Frank Vespe (New York)
  23. "Safety" Written by Noah Shalom (Sherman Oaks, California)
  24. "Straitjacket Heart" Written by Christopher Stapleton (Chesterfield, Missouri) Read This Screenplay
  25. "Sweet Sixteen" Written by Joyce Sherri (United States)
  26. "The Back End" Written by Daniel Gessner (Jersey City, New Jersey)
  27. "The High Dive" Written by Brian Patterson (United States)
  28. "The Monster" Written by James Hughes (Burbank, Alabama)
  29. "The Most Interesting Man" in Dave's Mind Written by Amanda R. Martinez (New York City)
  30. "The One-Named Man" Written by Dustin Boland (United States)
  31. "The Prospect" Written by Ryan Jaroncyk (Columbus, Ohio)
  32. "The Rental" Written by L.P Lee (London, England)
  33. "Till Death Do Us Part ... And After" Written by Alana Hammonds (United States)
  34. "True Colors" Written by Scott Dissinger (United States)
  35. "Virtually Fine" Written by Gil Saint (United States) Read This Screenplay
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