Spring 2018: Portland Comedy Film Festival Schedule Of Events

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200 Comedy Films Screening At 2 Locations

The Portland Comedy Film Festival, ranked in the Top 100 on FilmFreeway, is a unique forum for international independent comedy filmmakers to showcase their comedy films in Portland, Oregon. The Portland Comedy Film Festival is always searching for funny and engaging films to entertain a comedy loving audience. The Portland Comedy Film Festival will screen 200 Comedy Films in Portland, Oregon over a four day period in two locations. Location #1 is the NW Cannabis Club which will screen Sessions 1-5. Location #2 is the Avalon Theatre which will screen session 6-9. The free awards show and filmmaker's happy hour mixer will be at the HobNob Grille on Saturday March 24th, 2018 from 4:00pm - 6pm. 

What is HobNob Grille?
HobNob Grille 3350 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214The HobNob Grille is a fun location that we use for Happy[...]
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Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018
Awards Show & Filmmaker's Happy Hour Mixer
March 24, 2018 @ 4:00p - 6:00p

There is no charge or ticket for the awards show at the HobNob Grille. This location is one block away from the Avalon Theatre. You have plenty of time between sessions 7 and 8 to walk over to the HobNob Grille, have a drink, mix and mingle with other filmmakers and screenwriters. It's a casual atmosphere. We will have a backdrop and professional photographers. Light appetizers will be provided free of charge.

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What is NW Cannabis Club?
A Legal Marijuana Theater In Portland Oregon?A unique venue, where you can enjoy international independent films, as well as, legally[...]

NW Cannabis Club
Location #1 | Sessions 1-5 

Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018 Session 1

Session 1: Wednesday March 21, 2018 @ 7:00p-11:00p

  1. "A Mid-morning Conversation" Directed by Adam Neubauer
  2. "Acting Up" Webseries Directed by Natalie Malla (United Kingdom)
  3. "Affected" Directed by Monnelle Britt (California)
  4. "Aisle 4" Directed by Kyle McCallion, Gabriel Stoltz & Sam Monaghan
  5. "Anna Garcia Does a One Woman Play" Directed by Anna Garcia (Michigan)
  6. "Be Sexy" Directed by Steve Thompson (New York)
  7. "Bride of Frankie" Directed by Devi Snively (Ohio)
  8. "Candy Universe Mania" Directed by Julian Bozzo
  9. "Cut" Directed by Michael Blomquist (California)
  10. "Dog Music" Directed by Chris Riggi (California)
  11. "Evil Woman" Directed by Danny Turkiewicz (California)
  12. "Gentlemen's Fury" Directed by Ben Sharples and Marissa Hall (California)
  13. "Honeymoon" Directed by Anaëlle Morf (Switzerland)
  14. "I Did It In Cancun" Directed by Matthieu Moerlen (France)
  15. "Incommunicado" Directed by John Marcucci (Canada)
  16. "Must Kill Karl" Directed by Joe Kicak (Canada)
  17. "My Loyal Audience" Directed by Megan Seely (Florida)
  18. "Ostoja Will Move Your Piano" Directed by Sandra Mitrovic (Serbia)
  19. "Pee Sitting Down" Directed by Misha Calvert (New York)
  20. "Phởmily Feud" Directed by Ellison Shieh & Martin Tran
  21. "Pillow Talk" Directed by Daniel Pappas (Texas)
  22. "Rap Skool" Directed by Aaron Fronk (Illinois)
  23. "Rat & Mouse" Directed by Adam Sherman (Illinois)
  24. "Tasting Notes" Directed by Spiro Marcos (New York)
  25. "The Hateful Date" Directed by Adam Kiers (Australia)
  26. "The Weekend" Directed by Sheridan De Myers (United Kingdom)
  27. "The Y2K Bug" Directed by Molly Daniels (Australia)
  28. "Theater People Season 4: Something to Fall Back On" Directed by Matthew Anderson (Minnesota)
  29. "Timber" Directed by Cullen Hamblen and Feifei Gong (Arizona)
  30. "Tinder is the Night" Directed by Misha Calvert and Zach Carver (New York)
  31. "Violet and June" Directed by Linnea Ritland (Canada)
  32. "What's Up, YouTube?" Directed by Jack Pearce (California)
  33. "Your Mom Says Hi!" Directed by Carlie Mantilla, Doni Carley & Rocco Urbisci (California)
  34. "Zip" Directed by Jeremy Braunsberg (Austria)
Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018 Session 2 WP

Session 2: Thursday March 22, 2018 @ 7:00p-11:00p

  1. "Alternative Math" Directed by David Maddox (Texas)
  2. "AntiSocial - #fixtheinternet" Directed by Aaron Hall (Canada)
  3. "Bitches Love Brunch" Directed by Sasha Leigh Henry & Maame Boateng (Canada)
  4. "Cabin Pressure" Directed by Matthew Lee
  5. "Cancel the F---ing Internet" Directed by Ryan Kayet (Canada)
  6. "Coconut Creamed" Directed by Mattie Bayne (Maryland)
  7. "Cold Storage" Directed by Thomas Freundlich
  8. "Croissant" Directed by Marius Conrotto Diaz (Spain)
  9. "Cuddle Sticks 2" Directed by Mike Geiger (Canada)
  10. "Filling In" Directed by Bradley Hawkins (Pennsylvannia)
  11. "Fomo" Directed by Brittany Johnson (Canada)
  12. "Honey" Directed by Pedro Moreno del Oso (Spain)
  13. "Jay & Eytan: Night Light" Directed by Eytan Millstone and Jay Wells L'Ecuyer (New York)
  14. "Just Do You; A Modern Love Story" Directed by J Marvin Solomon, Lewis Martin Soucy
  15. "Monsters Anonymous" Directed by Jeremy London (Mississippi)
  16. "My Little Teddy Bear" Directed by Kyle Jon Shephard (United Kingdom)
  17. "Nicole's Cage" Directed by Josef Brandl
  18. "Papua" Directed by Johnny Rey Diaz
  19. "The Consequences of Spooning" Directed by Madli Lääne (Texas)
  20. "The Dark Secrets: Snow White" Directed by Radovan Sury (Czech Republic)
  21. "To Do List" Directed by Ryan Austin (Canada)
  22. "Tree House Time Machine" Directed by Alan Ritchson (California)
  23. "Vertical Lines" Directed by Miles Flanagan (California)
  24. "Zombie Christmas" Directed by Bryon E. Carson
Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018 Session 3 WP

Session 3: Friday March 23, 2018 @ 12:30p - 3:00p

  1. "Beach VR" Directed by Tia Salisbury (United Kingdom)
  2. "Climax" Directed by Chloe Gebacz
  3. "Clowns Anonymous" Directed by Ben Ryan
  4. "Come to Life" Directed by Aaron Margolin
  5. "Cut!" Directed by Brennan Gilpatrick
  6. "Dirty Laundry" (Vuil Wasgoed Lusmaker-Lokprent) Directed by Mornê du Toit (South Africa)
  7. "Endemic Albert" Directed by Zuzanna Sławińska (Poland)
  8. "Fill Your Heart With French Fries" Directed by Tamar Glezerman (New York)
  9. "Fisheries Cops" Directed by Cameron Roberts (Australia)
  10. "Funeral Games" Directed by Martin Darondeau (France)
  11. "Here, Hold Grandma" Directed by Emily McGregor (California)
  12. "Girl Meets Roach" Directed by Christopher Zatta (California)
  13. "Gustav" Directed by Ken Williams & Denis Fitzpatrick (Ireland)
  14. "Hair of the Dog" Directed by Kyle A Smith & Brandon Smalls (New York)
  15. "Just End It!" Directed by Heather Spilkin (New York)
  16. "L'opportunité" Directed by Grégoire von Rakowski
  17. "Lucky Day!" Directed by J.L. Wolfenstein (France)
  18. "Meter Maid" Directed by Aaron Setton
  19. "Method" Directed by Jerome Velinsky & Tawni Bryant
  20. "Nice Meeting You" Directed by Tara O'Sullivan & Ford Phillips
  21. "Sea Bones" Directed by Rob Smith (South Africa)
  22. "Strayed" Directed by Heather Edwards (California)
  23. "Super Nice" Directed by Jack Yabsley (Australia)
  24. "The Art of Foley" Directed by Sara Karimipour
  25. "The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Lighthouse Keeper" Directed by Sam South
  26. "The Bra" Directed by Laurent Firode (France)
  27. "The Consequence" Directed by CHRZU Lindström (Finland)
  28. "The Last Dance Of Walter Vintorp" Directed by Claude Neuray (Belgium)
  29. "Swipe Leo" Directed by Isabel Lindström (Sweden)
Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018 Session 4 WP

Session 4: Friday March 23, 2018 @ 3:30p - 6:00p

  1. "Ball" Directed by Niels Bourgonje (The Netherlands)
  2. "Be Careful, Antonio!" Directed by Yeray Pacheco (Spain)
  3. "Bingewatchers Anonymous" Directed by Kody A Cunningham (Georgia)
  4. "Breakfast" Directed by Sijia Huang
  5. "Bridge" Directed by Niels Bourgonje (The Netherlands)
  6. "Choices" Directed by Ralph Meyer (Germany)
  7. "Dirtbags - Boyfriend" Directed by Brea Grant (California)
  8. "Dry-Body Sex" Directed by Shanna Micko (California)
  9. "Family From Tang" Directed by Junhao Ma & Jingwei Zhou (California)
  10. "FBPD" Directed by John Gigrich
  11. "Friends Be Like..." Directed by Kurry Williams (California)
  12. "Friendship Without Love" Directed by Sébastien Auger (France)
  13. "Glasshole" Directed by Jonathan Brooks (United Kingdom)
  14. "Gwen" Directed by Candace Wise (Australia)
  15. "Hangover Food" Directed by Ross McGowan (United Kingdom)
  16. "Here Comes The Neighborhood" Directed by Michael Charron (Texas)
  17. "In the Desert of Panacea" Directed by Randolph Zaini (California)
  18. "Legends of the Falls" Directed by Stefan Kuchar (Canada)
  19. "Liquid Gold" Directed by Sonic Barometer
  20. "National Anthem" Directed by Hamza Jeetooa (United Kingdom)
  21. "No Relation" Directed by Manuel Manrique (Spain)
  22. "Not That Beautiful" Directed by Miguel Quintero
  23. "Oldest Millennial" Directed by Clay Weiner (United Kingdom)
  24. "Osteopathy" Directed by Alastair Train (United Kingdom)
  25. "Other People's Children" Directed by Brad Riddell and Anna Maria Hozian (Illinois)
  26. "Over the Hill" Directed by Marty Fortney (California)
  27. "Single Dog" Directed by Qinmeizi Le (California)
  28. "Snug as a Bug" Directed by Louise C Galizia (United Kingdom)
  29. "Take a Stand, Man" Directed by John Wu (New Jersey)
  30. "The Fall Guy" Directed by Kieran Butcher (United Kingdom)
  31. "The Infamous Guy Christman" Directed by Anthony DeNiro
  32. "The Kids Menu" Directed by Paul Borghese (New York)
  33. "The Robbery" Directed by Alfonso Díaz (Spain)
  34. "The Over Easy Courthouse Cafe: Episode 3 "Come On In" Directed by Sharon Squires (Massachussetts)
Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018 Session 5 WP

Session 5: Friday March 23, 2018 @ 7:15p - 11:00p

  1. "10 Minutes To Show" Directed by Joshua DeFour (Texas)
  2. "A Date in 2025" Directed by Ryan Turner (California)
  3. "Be Good Now" Directed by Tyler Roberts (Washington)
  4. "ChronoCeption" Directed by Nik Perleros (Washington)
  5. "Dick Head" Directed by Brecht Vanthof (California)
  6. "Doucheaholics: Laura" Directed by Sean McCarthy (California)
  7. "Doucheaholics: Ted" Directed by Sean McCarthy (California)
  8. "Drew Lynch - Did I Stutter" Directed by Adam Marcus (California)
  9. "For Luck" Directed by TL Westgate
  10. "Handle with Care" Directed by Michael Mercadante (New York)
  11. "Horse Dad" Directed by Anna Hudzik (Michigan)
  12. "Kiss Me When I'm Down" Directed by Paul Walter Hauser (California)
  13. "Mr. Machine" Directed by Jeff Wish (California)
  14. "Petnap" Directed by Nick Peet (California)
  15. "Rekindled" Directed by Erin Brown Thomas
  16. "Somewhere To Sit" Directed by Joe Wyatt (Georgia)
  17. "Summertime" Directed by Kevin Etherson (New York)
  18. "Tittymilk Addiction - A Music Intervention" Directed by Jeremy Eichenbaum
  19. "The Date" Directed by Michael Beddoes (United Kingdom)
  20. "To Wendy Who Kicked Me When I Said I Love You" Directed by Dan Castella (United Kingdom)
  21. "Uber Getaway Driver" Directed by Adam Pearson (California)
  22. "Yoga for Salvador" Directed by Stefan Hajek (Washington)

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Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018 Tickets Update

Due to popular demand, the NW Cannabis Club will screen the Saturday March 24, 2018 Sessions 7-9 simultaneously with Avalon Theatre. You now have two venue choices. The exact program will be duplicated.

Avalon Theatre
Location #2 | Sessions 6-9

Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018 Session 6 WordPress

Session 6: Saturday March 24, 2018 @ 11:15a - 1:15p

  1. "Deal Breaker" Directed by J. J. Miller (Missouri)
  2. "Hey You, It's Me" Directed by Frankie Ingrassia (California)
  3. "Hug It Out: Pilot Episode" Directed by Jason Eksuzian (California)
  4. "Maybe Shower" Directed by Lex Lybrand (Texas)
  5. "Philosophy 101" Directed by Steve Hosford (California)
  6. "The Story Topper" Directed by Kevin Ruiz (California)
  7. "This is Ed!!" Directed by Bob Hiltermann (California)
Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018 Session 7

Session 7: Saturday March 24, 2018 @ 1:30p - 3:30p

  1. "Baby Making Time" Directed by Armen Evrensel (Canada)
  2. "Bait" Directed by Daniel Bracey
  3. "Before the Interview" Directed by Danny Scharar (California)
  4. "BROGA: Yoga for Bros!" Directed by Morgan Leinwohl (California)
  5. "Chocolate Queen" Directed by Mariusz Brozek
  6. "Filling In" Directed by Bradley Hawkins (Pennsylvannia)
  7. "My Parents are on Tinder" Directed by Austin Hillebrecht & Sean Parker (California)
  8. "Never Better" Directed by Lucie Guest (Canada)
  9. "Punching Bag" Directed by Jamie Anderson (California)
  10. "Reina" Directed by Philip Vickery (New York)
  11. "Six Pack" Directed by Madeline Mack and Michael Lincoln (California)
  12. "The Great Wall Of Vicky Lynn" Directed by Yu Ying Chien
  13. "The Hex" Directed by Nicholas Jessup (United Kingdom)
  14. "We Know Where You Live" Directed by Honora Talbott (California)
Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018 Session 8 WP

Session 8: Saturday March 24, 2018 @ 6:30p - 8:30p

  1. "100 Subscribers" Directed by Kid Cactus (California)
  2. "A Ninja Story" Directed by Adam Grimes
  3. "Bad Kiwis" Directed by Deb Foster and Rebecca McFadzien (California)
  4. "Brokers" Pilot Episode Directed by Talya Klein (New York)
  5. "Church Wives" Directed by Kyle Porter
  6. "Dirty Cops" Starring by Michael Marc Friedman & Tim Starks (California)
  7. "Discard" Directed by Katie Locke OBrien (California)
  8. "First Date Gone Wrong" Directed by Mike Atcherson (Florida)
  9. "Matriarchs" Directed by Rachael Asherman (Arkansas)
  10. "Petnap" Directed by Nick Peet (California)
  11. "Propaganja" Directed by Patrick Servais and Paul Pedreira (Oregon)
  12. "Punctured Heart" Directed by Meghan Bradley (California)
Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018 Session 9 WP

Session 9: Saturday March 24, 2018 @ 8:45p - 10:45p

  1. "Benny" Directed by Mandella Saaid (Australia)
  2. "Bloodgurgler" Directed by Daniel James (Australia)
  3. "Bum'd Out" Directed by Bryan Bostic (California)
  4. "Calandrino" Directed by Lorenzo Pullega (Italy)
  5. "Cupids" Directed by Angelo Calarco (United Kingdom)
  6. "Emojional Breakdown" Directed by Tom Chalmers (North Carolina)
  7. "Get Wed Soon" Directed by Kathrina Bognot (Nevada)
  8. "Horoscope Of Love" Directed by Ionia Palmer (California)
  9. "Hush Hush" Directed by Thomas Nolle (California)
  10. "Keeton Olson For HOA President: A Mild Inconvenience" Directed by Adamma Ebo
  11. "Mr. Chuckles" Directed by Mario Garza (California)
  12. "New Mommies Ep# 103: Playdate" Directed by Boris Undorf
  13. "Paid For By - Diane Busch's Anti-Fracking Campaign Ad" Directed by Dawn Smith (Massachussetts)
  14. "Seeking Sublet" Pilot Episode Directed by Katie Tibaldi (New York)
  15. "Some Bad News" Directed by Alain Alfaro (New York)
  16. "Stockholm Sweet Home" Directed by Tyler Holme (Illinois)
  17. "The Annual Taylor Family Thanksgiving Day Ping Pong Tournament" Directed by Warner Nieborg (Illinois)
  18. "The Legend of Bob Leonard" Directed by Will Kenning (United Kingdom)
  19. "The Love Trials" Directed by Theodore James (California)
  20. "The Snowboys" Directed by Ignat Kunilov (Russian Federation)
  21. "Tonight at the Chateau" Directed by Tony Ducret (California)
  22. "What Metal Girls Are Into" Directed by Laurel Vail (California)
  23. "Wednesday Morning" Directed by Mario Garza (Florida)

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