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“Ancient Oak: The Story Of A Bog Oak Sculptor” Directed By Daniel Balteanu

By Mikel Fair / a few months ago
Ancient Oak Directed by Daniel Balteanu

Ancient Oak by Daniel Balteanu

First of all, Ancient Oak is an official selection of the 2018 Oregon Documentary Film Festival. Furthermore, Ancient Oak was nominated for 3 different awards. Filmed in Ireland, Daniel Balteanu presents an amazing short documentary with artistic cinematography and a compelling story.  "Ancient Oak: The Story Of A Bog Oak Sculptor" is a documentary film featuring Conor Lane. A professional bog oak sculptor in County Kildare, Ireland. Above all, the video gives an insight into his creative journey. Even more, the inspiration he gets from the bog, and the connection he has with bog oak. It also offers a glimpse of the transformation that bog oak undergoes. From a raw piece of ancient oak taken from the Irish soil to a beautifully finished sculpture piece.

Daniel Balteanu Director's Biography

My name is Daniel Balteanu and I am an ‪award winning ‬Romanian - Irish ‪Photographer Film-maker. Hence, I am currently based in ‬Ireland. ‬Furthermore, I graduated with‪ a Diploma in Film and Television and a Degree in Photographic Media.‬ Above all, for over ten years I have been working‪ behind the camera in‬ areas such as Documentary, Feature ‪Film, TV, Corporate and Marketing Videos.‪ Also, I work ‬as a documentary and travel photography, using both analog and digital technologies.

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Mikel Fair

My name is Mikel Fair. I am the Director of Film Festival Circuit Inc. First of all, we are a company that manages film festival events in Texas and Oregon. Furthermore, we like to have fun and celebrate independent film. I worked for 15 years in the television and film production as a location sound mixer and production manager. I have also worked in post production as an editor, post sound mixer and composer. Above all, watching independent films and reading creative screenplays is my passion.