“Bluehilda” Directed by James Sugrue

By Mikel Fair / 6 months ago
Bluehilda Directed by James Sugrue

A Fun and Creative Animated Film by James Sugrue

"Bluehilda" is an Animated Comedy Film directed by James Sugrue (New Jersey) and is an official selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival 2018. This is the only true, 100% animated film selected and will screen at the Alamo Drafthouse Mason Park. James displays a colorful and engaging film with a great storyline and fun character voices. 

Bluehilda wins "Best Animated Film" Award

Bluehilda, the animated comedy film by James Sugrue won the Best Animated Film Award at the Houston Comedy Film Festival 2018. The audience couldn't stop talking about the production value, creativity and originality of this film. The sold out crowd gave this film a huge round of applause. We are looking forward to more productions from James in the future, his work is truly amazing. The judges loved the way Bluehilda's personality, facial expressions and dialogue created a truly amazing animated character personality.

Bluehilda James Sugrue Houston Comedy Film Festival Animated Film Award Winner

Director Biography - James Sugrue

James Sugrue is an American animator at the New York based Titmouse Animation Studio. His work includes Super Jail, China IL, The Half Shell Heroes Special, Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh, and Niko and the Sword of Light.

Bluehilda James Sugrue Houston Comedy Film Festival Animated Film Award Winner
Bluehilda Directed by James Sugrue

Director Statement - James Sugrue

James Sugrue and Titmouse hope Bluehilda will bring a smile to everyone's faces and to go further in the future.

Bluehilda Directed by James Sugrue

Bluehilda Synopsis

"Bluehilda is raring to get out into the real world, but first she’s pretty hungry… She decides to hunt the ever-elusive Copper-back Raboon for dinner, and is dying to test her ten years of magical training in order to catch it. However, Francis flies off into the deadly Furest alone, and Bluehilda must go after him. She gets an even bigger test of her magic than she anticipated when her precious pug bat is caught by the Unbearables! Bluehilda must face the deadly trio of witch hunters in order to save Francis! Will Bluehilda be up to the test? Or will Francis end up as a trophy?"

Bluehilda Directed by James Sugrue
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