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“Close Encounters of the Literal Kind Literally” Directed By Tobias Tobbell

By Mikel Fair / 8 months ago
Close Encounters of the Literal Kind Literally Oregon Short Film Festival 2018 Photo 1

Tobias Tobbell’s Hipster Science Fiction

"Close Encounters Of The Literal Kind Literally" directed by Tobias Tobbell is an official selection of the Oregon Short Film Festival 2018. Synopsis: "In the midst of an abduction, two hipsters may have found love. Two hipsters are held captive in a derelict warehouse, tied up and frightened. As they start to question their captors’ intentions - maybe they’re just misunderstood, maybe they’re more scared of us than we are of them – a horrific abduction makes their purpose very clear. Is it then every hipster for themselves, or is this the start of a totally authentic relationship?"

Director Biography: Tobias Tobbell

Following a decade of theatre, short films and corporate productions, Tobias Tobbell’s first feature came in 2010 in the form of ‘The Drummond Will’, a black comedy he produced which was a great success at international festivals. This film was followed by his directorial debut in 2013, hostage thriller ‘Confine’ starring Daisy Lowe and Alfie Allen. This did well at film festivals too, picking up a handful of awards, and was later released in US and UK.Tobbell has continued to develop a number of feature length projects through Two Bells Productions, a mixture of sci-fi and thriller. He occasionally shoots a shorter project in order to keep working with new technology, build relationships with a variety of talent (behind and in front of the camera) and get away from long periods of writing solo. 

Director Statement: Tobias Tobbell’s

I love sci-fi. It’s the genre of film I’d most like to make and forms the core of the majority of the features I have in development. However, many of my previous films and theatre productions are comedy. I’m struggling to shake off comedy entirely. It can be easier to look at serious (or strange) subject matter with a comic perspective. This short film was born from indecision on a genre choice, in part. I also wanted to see what might happen if you were to drop a couple of the most affected, self-aware and contentious characters into the middle of a horrific series of abductions.

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