“CUCK!” Directed by Richard Jensen

By Mikel Fair / 8 months ago
CUCK! Director Richard Jensen Oregon Short Film Festival 2018

Some People On The Internet Are Insane.

"CUCK!" Directed by Richard Jensen is an official selection of the Oregon Short Film Festival 2018. Tagline: "When an Internet Troll tries to throw some man shade on a blogging couple, he finds he's messed with the wrong people."

Director Biography: Richard Jensen

Richard Jensen is a independent filmmaker living in Ashland who favors a stripped down production process where he is the sole writer/director/cameraman/editor/producer/publicist. He is also, very very sleepy.

Director Statement: Richard Jensen

The story behind CUCK! is as timely as it is annoying. A few months ago, I joined Minds.com in order to add another on line venue to peddle my wares. The good news is that they allow you to boost your posts.  The bad news is that there are a ton of Alt-Righters on that site. A shit-ton of shit lords if you will. It's like someone gentrified 4Chan. And I quickly realized that my brand of puckish humanism was not going to play there. Also, I didn't want to log on and have my eyes assaulted by profiles with names like "Hitler did nothing wrong".  But at one point, I came across a post from some guy with the chick magnet handle of BombIslam dot com and in a fit of righteous annoyance down voted it.  Apparently, the guy behind the racist moniker didn't take kindly to my down vote because he turned around and down voted my post.  And then he went to my YouTube channel and down voted six of my videos and left three comments which could be best summed up as "You F**ing F*gg*t."  I went into Full Anti-Troll protocol, deleting his comments and blocking him on Minds and YouTube. And as I'm doing this, I'm thinking to myself, "I only down voted one post and this guy went total b*tch cakes! Who's the Snowflake now, Cuck?" And that became the seed for the script.

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