“Iconoclast” Directed By Alex Haney

By Mikel Fair / 8 months ago
Iconoclast Still_5 Director Alex Haney Oregon Short Film Festival 2018

A Visually Stunning Film From Director Alex Haney

Iconoclast, directed by Alex Haney, is an official selection of the Oregon Short Film Festival 2018. The judges were impressed with the emotional rollercoaster of this story. The visuals and edit help the viewer get a better understanding of what the main character is going through mentally.  "Iconoclast" has been nominated for Best Film Editing , as well as, Best Drama Film. Synopsis: "Uri struggles to balance his African-American, Jewish, and gay identities, subjective magical realism and stunning visuals converge to explore the pressures relating to intersectional identities in a divided society."

Iconoclast Director Alex Haney Oregon Short Film Festival 2018

Iconoclast: Tagline

"As reality collapses around him, a mixed race teen must navigate a landscape of identity and change to come out to his parents before it’s too late."

What Inspired Director Alex Haney?

This film recently won an Award of Achievement from the Accolade Film Awards and is a finalist for the Best Student Film in the Student World Awards. About the team: Having grown up in Los Angeles as an African American, Jewish, and gay male, Alex our director made this film because he struggled to fit inside most stereotypes growing up. Our producers are females coming from a Jewish and Hispanic background. While meeting they noticed the increase of intersectionality occurring in the world. Alex used beautiful vivid surrealism in this film to share what it is like to not identify within a simplified identity box. Though our protagonist has a specific gender, sexuality, and identity struggle, we believe anyone can relate to this film because it ultimately explores the pressure of growing up and the confusion of not fitting in. 

IconoclastStill_1 Director Alex Haney Oregon Short Film Festival 2018

Alex Haney: Director's Statement

With the growth of social media, globalism, and new ideals for equality, we are just beginning to glimpse a new future which will allow us to find our identities without the pressures of biases and prejudices. As we pave the way into the 21st century, most peoples identities no longer fit into a box that can be labeled, nor do they need to. However, the pressures faced by individuals of multiple diverse backgrounds to fit into one of those boxes can be overwhelming at times. This subject is something we can all relate to - we want to be recognized for who we are, not for who stereotypes and labels say we are. As this film dives into the psyche of a coming-of-age identity crisis, I hope to get to the core of what it means to have a diverse sexual, religious, and cultural identity and what happens when you try to squeeze that identity into a box that it wont fit into. This was made as a USC Junior Thesis and has been accepted into Cannes Film Festival, Cannes Diversity Showcase, Outfest (LA premiere at Walt Disney Concert Hall), and NFFTY. The secure online screener should be included in this upload, otherwise please email siena.hermedia@gmail.com. Thank you so much for reviewing!

IconoclastStill_9 Director Alex Haney Oregon Short Film Festival 2018
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