“The Korean Farmer” Directed by Marshall Lee (Tennessee)

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Poster The Korean Farmer Directed by Marshall Lee (Tennessee) Steven Bailey

An Unlikely Place To Find A Korean Farmer Named Steven Bailey

The Korean Farmer, directed by Marshall Lee screened at the Oregon Documentary Film Festival Saturday May 26, 2018. Furthermore, The Korean Farmer, won the Best Cinematography Award. Above all, friends of Marshall Lee, Adam and Rosanne Freer were in attendance to accept the Best Cinematography Award. Furthermore, this film was a "Best Documentary Award" nominee at the Oregon Short Film Festival & Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2018.  Synopsis, "A farmer and chef takes us through his journey setting up a farm in middle Tennessee. Meet Steven Bailey, also known as, The Korean Farmer."

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Sold-Out Screening: Oregon Short Film Festival 2018

Director's Biography: Marshall Lee (Part One)

The son of a Canadian Mounty (RCMP) and nurse, Marshall Lee was raised in Edmonton Alberta, Canada along with his older brother Mitch. Before Film, Marshall’s first passion was hockey. And at 18, Marshall went on to play Jr. A hockey for the Flin Flon Bombers and the Estevan Bruins of the SJHL. Word of Marshall’s success made it to the United States. After fielding professional and college offers, Marshall chose to play for legendary coach Mike McShane at Norwich University in VT.

At Norwich Marshall played in 3 NCAA Frozen Four’s and was elected team captain as a Jr. It was here at Norwich where Marshall began his journey as filmmaker. After a devastating OT loss in the NCAA finals his Jr year, Marshall set out to capture the teams redemption story on film. Norwich won a national championship and his film “Road Back to the Frozen Four” won best sports journalism. Film also won the best sports cinematography in a documentary picture award.

Headshot The Korean Farmer Directed by Marshall Lee (Tennessee)

Director Marshall Lee

Director's Biography: Marshall Lee (Part Two)

Marshall's success landed him his first job at Sony Pictures in Los Angeles. He started off as a special projects editor. Marshall honed his craft and learned the entire post-production process. After working on a slew of successful indie films and documentaries, his passion and talent caught the eye of Studio executives. Marshall was awarded his first feature film, “The Rainbow Tribe,” starring David James Elliot and Grayson Russell. The film enjoyed a brief theatrical release and is now one of the highest rated and downloaded Family movies on Netflix.

Marshall Lee And His Production Company

Striking out on his own in 2012 Marshall started JAMD Productions, a full service production company. Marshall and the team at JAMD have produced, shot and edited for some of the top companies in the world. Even more, Marshall has worked with names like Oakley, RIOT Games and Cinesamples. Most noteworthy, Marshall also and worked on projects at Evolve IMG for ESPN (ESPN e:60s), NAT GEO and TLC.

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Interview With Director Marshall Lee

  1. First of all, why submit to the Oregon Documentary Film Festival? "I've heard a lot of good things about the festival and felt my film would fit in well."
  2. It seems like there is special meaning to the title?  "I feel The Korean Farmer name has special meaning. For the reason that it is the social handle for Steven Bailey."
  3. Why did you choose to tell this particular story? "Steven Bailey is a close friend and I felt that he has a great story to tell. Even though this is a small aspect of his bigger story, I felt sharing a glimpse of him and his family was important to share."
  4. How did you fund this film? "I funded it by the favor currency. 🙂 I was blessed to have friends pitching in, my own time and the time Steven Bailey put in as well."

Interview With Director Marshall Lee (Part Two)

  1. Above all, what kind of audience reaction are you getting to this film? "First of all, I have received positives. I hear that it's a great little piece and very moving and beautifully shot. In contrast, negatives are that it's too short (we want to see more.) Possibly from a dramatic documentary standpoint, it may need some conflict for impact."
  2. Furthermore, do you have plans for a sequel or future film that you are working on?  "Yes, we are also starting a Youtube Series called The Korean Farmer. Which is a Cooking Show and also a Docu-Follow for Steven Bailey."
  3. Finally, do you have any advice for a future filmmaker that is about to start a documentary project? "I suggest that, you tell a story that you are SUPER passionate about. Otherwise it will never get done. If you are passionate about the subject matter, it will get done, no matter the costs."

Documentary Cameras and Gear

What camera(s) did you use to during the production of this film? Discuss any advantages or limitations that you may have run into, from an equipment perspective.

"BlackMagic Ursa Mini & Sony Fs5 Shogun Inferno. Event more, we borrowed a friends Ursa Mini and Rokonin prime for the first day of shooting. Shoestring budget required us to borrow gear from a friend. Also, this is a camera that I never used before. Therefore, I was very impressed with the look of the camera paired with some Rokinon primes. Furthermore, for day 2, we had purchased the SonyFs5 with Shogun Inferno. We used the same primes, as a result, they colored well together. Certainly,  you can't beat the 4K 60fps look for the price of these two camera packages. Finally, we used a Phantom 4 Pro for our aerials."

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