Misheal Pariyar Documentary Film

By Mikel Fair / a couple of months ago

Misheal Pariyar Documentary From Nepal

The Oregon Documentary Film Festival is proud to announce the screening of the Misheal Pariyar documentary film on March 23, 2019.

Misheal Pariyar, is a pharmacist and has offered important humanitarian social services in Nepal for many years. With his wife Mamta, they have been working in Nepal for the poor and orphan children since 2004. The established an orphanage home, Mamta Childcare Trust with 20 orphan children.

Also, Misheal has been running a Medical mission to reach the remote and rural areas of  Nepal. This Medical mission’s  vision is to continue organize and running  the Clinical & Spiritual Medical mission. For the remote and rural areas of Nepal with the vision to providing free health checkup. And offers medicine for the poor and sick people who are unable to afford for their health treatment.

This documentary is a true life story. Nepal Television Media has interviewed us about this real life- Documentary film. This film has been release publicly on “Sagarmatha Television of Nepal” and is available online. Please read more about this film at http://omcgvh.com/

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