“Foreign” Drama Film Directed By Timothy Ross (Switzerland)

By Mikel Fair / a few months ago
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A Heart Racing Drama By Timothy Ross

"Foreign" Directed By Timothy Ross (Switzerland) is an official selection of the Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2018Synopsis "In a society that mistrusts foreigners, a Swiss lawyer with Arabic roots becomes a victim of prejudice due to his Middle-Eastern origins."

Timothy Ross Director's Statement

This project ("Foreign") is my first large scale short film project, produced with the portfolio of all contributors in mind. I've had the honor to be able to count on the support of several companies, as well as the city council, the police, the fire brigade etc. of the city, where we were filming: Lucerne. 

All of the head crew, Robin Füglistaller, Alex Genas and myself are students and passionate about film making. We've worked on the project with hearth and soul, with the hope of being selected by a film festival to screen our film, as we know how important it is to get our name out there in the film industry. 

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