“Diggum” Written by Isaac Thorne

By Mikel Fair / 8 months ago
Diggum isaac thorne Oregon Short Film Festival 2018

A Horror Film From The Mind Of Isaac Thorne

"Diggum" Horror Film Screenplay Written by Isaac Thorne (Tennessee) is an official selection of the Oregon Short Film Festival 2018. The judges enjoyed cheering for this blood thirsty anti-hero in the story. Tagline "When personal tragedy strikes, some men pray. Other men despair. This man goes to war."

Diggum isaac thorne Poster Oregon Short Film Festival 2018

Diggum: Synopsis

Meet Diggum, the local graveyard caretaker, who lives in a small cottage at the edge of the lot. Diggum has spent most of his life angry with God, whom he blames for the devastating house fire that cost Diggum his family. But Diggum has a secret. It is a secret he will carry to his own grave. His story is one of rage and revenge. At some point in our lives, we all ask the "why" question. Diggum demands an answer.

Writer's Biography: Isaac Thorne

Isaac Thorne is a nice man who has, over the course of his life, developed a modest ability to spin a good yarn. Really. He promises. He considers himself a lover of books, music, movies, and other forms of pop culture phenomenon. His philosophy on his life is that it’s all one giant experiment. Thorne grew up in rural Tennessee. From an early age, he became fascinated by scary folklore, such as the types of tales that are often told around campfires. From there, he developed a love of scary audio or radio stories, which he borrowed on vinyl from the local library. Although he has been writing since he could form letters with crayons, Thorne has always considered himself a private man, publishing none of his horror work until January 2013, when he released the digital short story "Nobody Was Here". From there, he branched out on social media and became acquainted with the Carmen Online Theater group. That group, which produces audio horror of the type he loved as a child, prompted Isaac to try his hand at a scripted version of one of his stories.

Writer's Statement: Isaac Thorne

Enter your tGrowing up in a rural area of the Southern United States provided me with a relatively narrow exposure to religion. It was all protestant, all white, and incredibly limited to the 1930s in its style and substance. As I matured and traveled, I discovered that not everyone in the world has the same belief systems. I also discovered that an individual's belief systems very much influences his or her behavior and decision making at critical moments. Thus was born the idea for Diggum, who is a man of his time and upbringing even though he doesn't much care for either. Originally a short story, I envisioned a screen version of Diggum as being akin to an episode of The Twilight Zone or HBO's Tales From The Crypt.ext here...

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