“Born in LA: Dolls and All” Written By Marlene Sharp

By Mikel Fair / 6 months ago
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A Fun Screenplay By Marlene Sharp About The Two LA's.

"Born in LA: Dolls and All" Comedy Screenplay Written By Marlene Sharp Synopsis "This is the comedy TV series pilot script for a semi-autobiographical tale entitled "Born in LA." Circa late '90s, Marlene is a Gen X aspiring actress with an almost childlike perspective bordering on innocently delusional. She returns to New Orleans in the other LA (Louisiana) from a dubiously successful, extended Los Angeles stay. She determines to make it in show biz despite her shortcomings, especially her helicopter mom and employment-challenged best friends."

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Screenwriter's Biography: Marlene Sharp

Marlene Sharp is a creative and business-savvy entertainment multi-hyphenate who originally hails from New Orleans but is now a Valley girl. As Producer, TV Series, at Sega of America, Marlene has worked on much more than the Teen Choice Award-nominated cartoon “Sonic Boom.” For example, her Hedgehog duties have taken her to the heights of nerd-dom as an official San Diego Comic-Con 2017 panelist. As a freelance journalist, Marlene concentrates on popular entertainment for Geekified.net. As a short filmmaker, she has snagged recent prizes at the Canine Film Festival and the San Luis Obispo Film Festival. And as a human being, basically, she loves dogs.

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