What is NW Cannabis Club?

By Mikel Fair / 7 months ago
Cannabis Theater Marijuana Theater In Portland Oregon

A Legal Marijuana Theater In Portland Oregon?

A unique venue, where you can enjoy international independent films, as well as, legally use Marijuana or Cannabis products in Portland, Oregon.  NW Cannabis Club isn't only a legal Marijuana Theater in Portland Oregon. It is a members only club that allows Marijuana smoking, vaping, edibles and dabbing while watching movies on a giant screen. There is also plenty of indoor social areas with pool tables, video games, board games, chess, couches, lounge areas and an alcohol-free bar with low priced munchies. You can't actually purchase Marijuana or Cannabis products inside the club, but you can bring your own bud and consume it legally. You must be 21 Years Old to enter or become a member of the NW Cannabis Club. 

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NW Cannabis Club 1195 SE Powell Blvd Portland, OR 97202

Dab and Watch Movies at NW Cannabis Club

Dab and watch movies at NW Cannabis Club

So You Can Smoke Marijuana And Watch Movies?

Yes. Film Festival Circuit Inc. has partnered with the NW Cannabis Club to show independent international films on special event nights. Currently, the two events running are "Horror Film Thursdays" and a selection of films from the "Portland Comedy Film Festival." Free Cannabis infused Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches will also be available during these events as well as free dabs. You must be 21 Years Old to enter or become a member of the NW Cannabis Club. 

Marijuana Movie Theater NW Cannabis Club Portland Oregon

Is This The Only Legal Cannabis Movie Theater In The World?

The Northwest Cannabis Club is not a pure theater, it offers so many entertainment options for it's members. You should check out NW Cannabis Club Facebook Page for more information about the other events that take place. There are painting classes, live stand-up comedy, live musical guests, Cannabis auctions, Celebrity Dab Wars and now Film Festivals as well. You must be 21 Years Old to enter or become a member of the NW Cannabis Club. 

NW Cannabis Club Legal Cannabis Theater In Portland Oregon

$20 Membership Fee For Life

There is a one-time charge of $20 cash at the door to become a member of this private club. After that, the charge is $5 cash per visit. Special Events charge between $5-$20 per visit. Film Festival Events are $10 per day. On Horror Film Thursdays and the Portland Comedy Film Festival, each day offers 4 hours of films. You must be 21 Years Old to enter or become a member of the NW Cannabis Club. 

Horror Film Thursdays Feb 15-2018 Event Photos NW Cannabis Club-28b
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