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Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018 Day 4 Event 0990 Watch Films Now

Typically, when filmmakers "retire" a film from the Film Festival Circuit, after the film has had it's run, they will post them on Vimeo or YouTube for free. On this page we will add full films that we've screened at our various festivals once they've been retired. This should give you an idea of what types of films are accepted to our film festivals. Enjoy.

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Lion on Tiger – The Fast Food Version: Animated Music Video

"Eat Jeremy" Dark Comedy Film

"Mombie" Dark Comedy Short Film

"Anything I Can Do" Micro Short Comedy Film

"Heels To The Pavement" Mockumentary Film

"Invisible Oregon" Documentary Film

"Studded Nightmare" (Cauchermar Capitonne) Horror Film (Canada)

"Juliette" Animated Horror Film

"Native Immigration" Mockumentary Short Film (United Kingdom)

"Monday" Experimental Short Film (Spain)

"A Welshman's Guide To Breaking Up" Comedy Film

"Smithston" Dark Comedy Film (Australia)

“The Kenton Lead Blob” Directed by Zach Putnam and Richard Percy

“The Business of Boxing: Part One” Directed by Rob Maloof

"Song In A Day" Documentary Short Film (Oregon)

"Shoe" Comedy Film Directed by Eric Fisher (Utah)

"Master Class" Comedy Web Series (Texas)

"Propaganja" Comedy Web Series (Oregon)

"Bwown Bugg" Comedy Film

"Fill Your Heart With French Fries" Comedy / Drama Film

"Death Bed" Dark Comedy Film (Minnesota)

"Vertical Lines" Funny Music Video (United Kingdom)

"Candy Universe Mania" Comedy Web Series Episode (California)

"Roger" Comedy Short Film (United Kingdom)

"Be Sexy" Micro Short Comedy Film (California)

"AntiSocial - #fixtheinternet" Comedy Web Series

"Bingewatchers" Micro Short Comedy Film

"Tittymilk Addiction" Mockumentary Short Film (California)

"100 Subscribers" Comedy Short Film

Northcote: "The Bedroom Philosopher" Funny Music Video (Australia)

"Komodo Ping-Pong" Funny Music Video / Animated Comedy Film