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What Is Film Festival Circuit?

Film Festival Circuit Inc., is a production company that produces Film Festival Events in the United States. We accept film submissions from international independent filmmakers, judge and score each one and present programs in movie theaters. Thousands of films are produced and released by filmmakers every year. For most filmmakers, Film Festivals and online websites like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo are the only place to show their films and videos to the public. Filmmakers create these films for fun, as resume examples, television pilots, web series episodes, video on demand or for educational purposes. Our judges watch every submission and try to present our audiences with the best, most entertaining line-up. Visit our blog for the latest news.

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Film Festivals Are A Celebration

Our film festival events are fresh, fun, cutting edge, creative and captivating. For example, most people are not used to watching twenty (20) short comedy films in a two hour period from twenty (20) different directors. It's a completely different experience than sitting down and watching a traditional 250 million dollar superhero film.  And for the filmmakers themselves, to have people watch their films and then interact with the audience afterwards is an amazing experience. Also, friends and family that have never seen these films on the big screen, get their opportunity to full experience these films.

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Attending Film Festival Events

When you attend our film festival events, in many cases, you get to meet the cast, crew and families of the film creators that are screening. We've had filmmakers fly to our festival events from Japan, Israel, Canada, UK, Spain, Peru and many cities throughout the United States. The dream of most filmmakers is to observe a fresh reaction from film loving audience, to their film. Most of the films that we screen are 1-20 minutes in length, but in many cases, they take months to plan, shoot, edit and finish.

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Networking and Happy Hour

Our networking and happy hour events are fun, social occasions that are very relaxed, informal and fun. It is refreshing for us to see filmmakers and screenwriters meeting up and at our events and collaborating on film and screenplay projects. Local actors, actresses and crew bring resumes and headshots to these events in order to meet directors and make contacts.

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Submitting Your Film Or Screenplay

We have over one hundred (100) judges that help us rate films and screenplays. Each festival is assigned a different group of 12-20 judges each. Some judges only watch a few films, others watch 100's. We pay our judges a small fee to watch and grade movies. Typically, they need a break from Netflix binge watching anyway and are happy to get paid to watch films as a change of pace. We accept films of all genres to our eight film festival events that are currently running. We do charge a small submission fee to the filmmaker or screenwriter for every film submitted to us. To do this, we only accept films through three submission portals. FilmFreeway, Withoutabox and Festhome. We do have discounts available to help with submission fees. Please visit our promo code page for more information.

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