Fall 2018: Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Official Selections & Awards


Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2018 is coming on September 16, 2018

We are proud to announce that the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2018 will screen 100 comedy films on Sunday September 16, 2018. There will be two sessions of comedy short films that are 3 hours each. A special thanks goes out to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lakeline, which has a giant screen and is an amazing venue for our festivals. 

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Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2018
Sunday September 16th, 2018
Session 1 | 11:30am - 3:00pm 

Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2018
Sunday September 16th, 2018
Session 2 | 6:00pm - 9:30pm 

Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2018
Official Selections: Feature Length Screenplays

  1. "Adland" Written By Simon Wakelin (California)
  2. "An American Suicide" Written by Chris Aresco (United States)
  3. "Bad Dudes" Written By Alex Rinehart (California)
  4. "Back on the Market" Written by Jack Avenue (New Jersey)
  5. "Born Again" Written By Daniel Schooling (California)
  6. "Civil Intemperance" Written By David A Rech (Washington)
  7. "Candyland.Com" Written by Joan Barrett (Canada)
  8. "Cryogenius" Written by Andrew Pelosi (Australia)
  9. "El Piñatero: The Legend of Simon-Alejandro De La Peña" Written By Rey Barrera & David Rice (Texas)
  10. "Growing Forward" Written by Amanda Scott & Veronica Slattery (United States)
  11. "Hacking the Movie: Sharks on a Plane" Written By David Lyon (United Kingdom)
  12. "Iron Lung" Written By Kevin Kraft (California)
  13. "Selling Veronica Cupcake" Written by Phillip E. Hardy (Texas)
  14. "Sydney World" Written By Wilson Jacobs (California)
  15. "Tall, Dark and Handsome" Written By D.G Stern (Florida)
  16. "The Brumby" Written By Justin Neal (Georgia)
  17. "The Evening" Written By Alan Harrington (Canada)
  18. "The Fireman" Written By Tirosh Schneider (New York)
  19. "Tugnutt: A Love Supreme" Written By Nathan Yacos (North Carolina)
  20. "White Lie Wedding" Written By Whitney Powell (California)

Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2018
Official Selections: Short Comedy Screenplays

  1. "A Bathroom on Drake" Written by Mark Lesser (Colorado)
  2. "A Company of Strangers" Written by Anthony Assad (Ireland)
  3. "Bad Knitting" Written by Matthew Kong (United Kingdom)
  4. "Broken Dreams" Written by Ron Hervey (Texas)
  5. "Country Roads" Written by Stephen Bodossian (New Jersey)
  6. "Death, As It Should Be" Written by Emily Roos (United States)
  7. "Deliver This!" Written By Brandon George (California)
  8. "Door to Door" Directed by Freddy Munoz (Massachussetts)
  9. "First Kiss" Written By Walt Wood (Indiana)
  10. "Hair Today: Gone Tomorrow" Written By Michael Matasci (New York)
  11. "Hopping" Written By Chris Brundage (New Jersey)
  12. "House Rules" Written By Diana Lee Woody (California)
  13. "It Takes A Village" Written By Marcelle A. Davis (Florida)
  14. "It's the End of the World as I know It" Written By Kevin Molohan (California)
  15. "I've Got Your Number" Written By Gene Gwynne (California)
  16. "Mourning Glory" Written By Amellie Yeager (California)
  17. "Nantucket Nude Beach" Written By Brian Berestecky (Massachussetts)
  18. "Operation Cellblock" Written By Phil Yuhas (California)
  19. "Past The Bar: Career Move- Pilot Episode" Written By Jim Norman (North Carolina)
  20. "#RealtorLife" Written by Dublin Wahlberg (California)
  21. "Rodney and the Trippy Time Traveling Tale of Tripping" Written By Brandon M. Prosek (Illinois)
  22. "Saving Colin" Written By Tom Davidson (Australia)
  23. "SELFiE: THE MOViE" Written By Jeff Capone (Canada)
  24. "Suzie Q" Written By Jane Therese (California)
  25. "The 24 Hour Intimate Position" Written By Karen Hemmerle (Colorado)
  26. "The Blind Date" Written By Joe Starzyk (New York)
  27. "The Golden Years" Written By Joe Starzyk (New York)
  28. "The Last Thing I Do" Written By Scott Stambler (New Mexico)
  29. "The Strap-On" Written By Aaron Buter (Canada)
  30. "You Made Me Use the ‘F’ Word" Written By Amanda Jo Scott & Veronica Rose Slattery (New York)

Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2018
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