Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2018 Official Selections & Schedule

Aramine Director Ilaria Vecchio Italy Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2018 Official Selections

A Huge Event For All Kinds of Micro Short Films

The Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2018 event date is Sunday July 15, 2018. Read about the official selections, awards and event schedule here. Over 80 films that are 6 minutes or less in length from 10 different countries in multiple genres will screen. Come to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lakeline and enjoy the fun. Buy your tickets for Sunday July 15, 2018 at 6:00pm to 9:30pm.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lakeline
Building F, 14028 U.S. 183, Austin, TX 78717

Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2018 Official Selections Films

Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2018
Official Selections: Film

  1. "10 Seconds More" Directed by Stefano Bolognini & Massimiliano Saltori
  2. "43 Quintillion" Directed By Kylie Eaton
  3. "A City Ball" Directed by Miguel Mouchess (California)
  4. "Aha!" Directed By Alex Pippard (Texas)
  5. "ALA" Directed By Kevyn Bowling
  6. "Alexander" Directed by Dianne Ouellette (Canada)
  7. "Americana" Directed By Lee Tomik
  8. "An Unpleasant Surprise" Directed By James Furlong
  9. "Aramine" Directed by Ilaria Vecchio (Italy)
  10. "Armor Del Amor" Directed by Kirk Kelley
  11. "Bling" Directed By Chase Casanova
  12. "Broga: Yoga For Bros!" Directed by Morgan Leinwohl (California)
  13. "Brothers" Directed by Randy Kerr (Washington)
  14. "Business Woman" Directed by Ellen Lang (Texas)
  15. "Can't Move" Directed by Aćim Vasić
  16. "Dead Trail" Directed By Hunter Wolk (Oklahoma)
  17. "Deal Breaker" Directed by J. J. Miller
  18. "Der Jude" Directed By Spencer Zimmerman (Canada)
  19. "Dog Years" Directed by Tyler Russell (Texas)
  20. "Don't Look Into Their Eyes" Directed By John Rhee
  21. "Don't Take Your Eyes Off Him" Directed By Molly Kerr (Australia)
  22. "Early For Work" Directed By Keith Glidewell
  23. "Esther" Directed By Rain(Xiaolin) Zheng
  24. "Everything: Why Citizens Should Know Their U.S. Constitution" Directed By Emily Kitzmille
  25. "Expiration Date" Directed by Shwenn Shunya Chang (New Jersey)
  26. "Femina-X - Black Tongue" Directed by Diego Lozano
  27. "Foreign" Directed By Timothy Ross (Switzerland)
  28. "Get Riel" Directed by Will Barnard & Moira Rowan
  29. "I'm Into You" Directed by Hugo Gillard (France)
  30. "In A Tree Full Of Rain" Directed By Zak Seidman (Maryland)
  31. "Into The Woods With Love" Directed By Kevin Rock
  32. "Jamie's Girl" Directed By Grey Gowder (South Carolina)
  33. "Just End It!" Directed by Heather Spilkin (New York)
  34. "Line" Directed By Andrew Sonntag
  35. "Lion On Tiger - The Fast Food Version" Directed by Diego Cumplido (Chile)
  36. "Loose Authority" Directed by Tyler Ten Haken (Arizona)
  37. "Los Anjealous" Directed By Marisa Echeverria
  38. "Love Has Been Added To Your Cart" Directed by Jay Esteves (Texas)
  39. "Lovers" Directed by Raul Simao (Australia)
  40. "Married. No Kids." Directed By Danny Abrahms
  41. "Mystery Meeting" Directed By Clay Flaten
  42. "No Going Back" Directed by Matias Vellutini (Brazil)
  43. "Paid For By - Diane Busch's Women's Issue Ad" Directed by Dawn Smith (Massachussetts)
  44. "Perfection" Directed by Riccardo Di Gerlando (Italy)
  45. "Perihelion - Örvény" Directed by Norbert Porkoláb (Hungary)
  46. "Petty" Directed By Matthew Black
  47. "Phởmily Feud" Directed By Ellison Shieh & Martin Tran
  48. "Plus Minus" Directed by Julian Ticona Cuba (Germany)
  49. "Polished" Directed by Joshua Overbay & Andie Morgenlander (North Carolina)
  50. "Puzzle" Directed by Arthur S. Edelman
  51. "Rag Dolls" Justin & Kristin Schaack (Minnesota)
  52. "Rearview" Directed By Chase Casanova (Texas)
  53. "Red" Directed by Camille Danton
  54. "Rendez-Vous" Directed by Jimmy Boutry & Thibaud Chaufourier (Canada)
  55. "Save" Directed by Iván Sáinz-Pardo (Germany)
  56. "Screens" Directed by Hunter Carrigan & Brandon Henry (Texas)
  57. "Secrets" Directed By Neil Reuben George (California)
  58. "Sex Bomb" Directed by Michael Gene Conti (California)
  59. "Shotgun Wedding" Directed By Michael McCallum (Michigan)
  60. "Sic Transit Gloria: Bernie's Lament"
  61. "Six Pack" Directed by Madeline Mack (California)
  62. "Skeptics" Directed by Ken Sullivan (Alabama)
  63. "Snot Love" Directed By Austin Bening
  64. "Spinning Vinyl" Directed by Jim Lively
  65. "Stun Guns - One Step Closer" Directed by Tony Leon (Texas)
  66. "The God-App" Directed by Chon-Dat Nguyen
  67. "The Korean Farmer" Directed by Marshall Lee (Tennessee)
  68. "The Missing Things" Directed by Jason van Genderen (Australia)
  69. "The Reunion" Directed by Christine Chen & Danyelle Weatherford (Texas)
  70. "The Risk For Freedom" Directed by Alex Le (Texas)
  71. "The Smell Of Oak" Directed by Mark Datuin (Canada)
  72. "The Snowboys" Ignat Kunilov (Russia)
  73. "Thee Conductor "Face Crinkle" Featuring Bonnie "Prince" Billy
  74. "There Could Be Nothing After This" Directed by Andrew Huggins
  75. "To Know You" Directed by Keaton Davis (Texas)
  76. "Traum(A)Novelle" Directed By Francesco Faralli
  77. "Vandella Day" Directed by John McCourt (United Kingdom)
  78. "Victory" Directed by Vishal Bhalla (Germany)
  79. "Water" Directed By Mark Knight
  80. "Wing Man" Directed By Ori Ravid
  81. "Women Should" Directed By Vanita Shastry
  82. "ZT" Directed By Shaya Mulcahy
Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2018 Official Selections Screenplays

Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2018
 Official Selections: Screenplays

  1. "1801, Buck" Written by Jalen Thompson
  2. "A World Apart" Written by Pierre Colmain
  3. "Abandon All Hope" Written by Maximilian Federman and Ian Sutherland (Oklahoma)
  4. "An Angel Whispers" Written by Jeremy Storey (Washington)
  5. "Arjun" Written by Sergio Hira
  6. "Caged" Written by Travis Darkow (Washington)
  7. "Cashiers In The Afterlife" Written by Timothy Kissell (Pennsylvannia)
  8. "Cherry Glazed" Written by Christine Sherwood (California)
  9. "Costume Drama" Written by Marion McDowell (United Kingdom)
  10. "Cuckoo" Written by Louise Johnson
  11. "Emergence" Written by Eric Williams
  12. "Fearless Zombie Killer" Written by Michael B Snow
  13. "Handyman" Written by Linda Gentry
  14. "Insignificant" Written by Wendy Wilkins (California)
  15. "Last Night" Written by Eoghain Meakin (Ireland)
  16. "Melville" Written by Jeremy Storey (Washington)
  17. "Nyrop" Written by Ed Sarge (United Kingdom)
  18. "Pen & Pencil" Written by Devone Jones (California)
  19. "Pine" Written by Jeffrey Morin
  20. "Some Nights" Written by Tre Daniels
  21. "Suffering" Written by Iveel Mashbat
  22. "Suicide 101" Written by Randy Zuniga
  23. "The Button" Written by Elina Sahlin (Sweden)
  24. "The Dealer" Written by Kerriyon Tillman (Texas)
  25. "The Debator" Written by Sophie Wang
  26. "The Garden" Written by Clark Childers
  27. "The Holiday Spirit" Written by Linda Hullinger
  28. "The Last Ride" Written by Marion McDowell (United Kingdom)
  29. "The Scroungers" Written by Montgomery Burt (Canada)
  30. "Worm Guy" Written by Eduardo Trujillo (Mexico)
“The Button” Screenplay Written by Elina Sahlin (Sweden)
An Amazing Story From Sweden"The Button" by Elina Sahlin is an official selection of the Austin Micro Short Film Festival[...]
“Caged” Horror Film Screenplay By Travis Darkow (Washington)
A Chilling Horror Screenplay By Travis DarkowA woman held captive. Chained inside a dirty, cramped, soundproof room, her voice too[...]
“Insignificant” Dark Comedy Screenplay Written By Wendy Wilkins
Wendy Wilkins Dark Comedy About A Crime Gone Wrong. "Insignificant" written by Wendy Wilkins is the winner of the Best[...]
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