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What Is The Portland Comedy Film Festival?

The Portland Comedy Film Festival, ranked in the Top 100 on FilmFreeway, is a unique forum for international independent comedy filmmakers to showcase their comedy films in Portland, Oregon. Did you know that we screened 200 comedy films in March 2018 and have plans to screen another 200 in the fall? Check out the pictures for yourself, it was a blast! The Portland Comedy Film Festival is searching for funny and engaging films to entertain a comedy loving audience. 2018 Fall Portland Comedy Film Festival Event Scheduled for November 9-10, 2018.

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Rated In The Top 100 On FilmFreeway By The Filmmakers

We are fortunate to be rated in the Top 100 film festivals by filmmakers worldwide on FilmFreeway. We have fun, we laugh and we appreciate funny films in Portland. It's all about the filmmakers and the screenings. The Portland Comedy Film Festival strongly believes in giving every filmmaker possible, an opportunity to share their creative work in a comedy environment. Thank you for your support.

The Portland Comedy Film Festival March 21-24, 2018 Was A Huge Success!

We received 1000 film submissions and we screened 200 of them! That is insane! Every film and screenplay that we have selected rated by 12 different judges before making a decision. It took 52 different Judges to get through all of the films and screenplays submitted. Get ready to watch more great comedy films in November 2018!

Portland Comedy Film Festival Filmmakers And Screenwriters