“Aramine” Directed by Ilaria Vecchio (Italy)

By Mikel Fair / a few months ago
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Artistic Choreography And Cinematography By Ilaria Vecchio

"Aramine" Directed by Ilaria Vecchio (Italy) is an official selection of Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2018. Starring Giorgia Jane Strippoli and Martina Ronchetti. The Austin judges selected this experimental film because of it's stunning visuals , choreography and music.

Aramine Synopsis

Aracne, a young and gifted weaver from the ancient Lydia region, challenges Minerva, the uncontested goddess of weaving. It is the start of a battle between humanity and divinity, talent and power, inspired by the VI book of Ovidio’s Metamorphosis. A cryptical and elegant fight takes place, divided in levels like a videogame, where the girl resists the goddess’ assaults. Minerva, enraged by the young woman’s haughtiness, forces her into an infernal descent into her deepest self. A lacerating clash consumes the charming Aracne, bringing her into another dimension where she meets with the Muses, the supreme ideal of Arts and Truth, who try to dissuade her from provoking the goddess. Inside a pyramid of light, between night and day, the fates of Aracne and Minerva seem to swap for a moment. But the trap of the goddess is already set and, as it often happens in real life, the powerful defeats the talented.

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Director Biography - Ilaria Vecchio

Ilaria Vecchio is a Director and Editor for Commercial Web Video, graduated at the European Institute of Design (IED). At the start of her career she worked as Director Assistant with several Italian Directors of movies and theatre. After an internship as a Director Assistant inside a cinematographic and television production company, she attend the AfterEffects course in Milan. Currently she is working as freelance with different communication companies between Milan and Rome, as a Director, Camera Operator and Editor.

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