“Cupids” Directed by Angelo Calarco (United Kingdom)

By Mikel Fair / 6 months ago
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A Unique And Clever Romantic Comedy

"Cupids" is a comedy short film directed by Angelo Calarco (United Kingdom) that is an official selection of the Portland Comedy Film Festival. Screening March 24, 2018 at the Avalon Theatre. Synopsis "Two cupids need to team up in one of the greatest challenges of modern times: getting two strangers to talk to each other!"

Director Biography: Angelo Calarco

Angelo Calarco is an italian award winning comedian, now filmmaker, living in London (UK). He is the head of Beware of the Dog Films and "Cupids" is its first short film production. 

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Director Statement: Angelo Calarco

"Cupids" is a comedy about love, from the point of view of the ones who work to make love happen. And even if it might seems like a magical and romantic purpose, in reality it just happen to be another hard and stressful everyday job. "Cupids" is a short story that wants to use the comedy language to pass a positive message about connecting yourself with the people around you and not be scared of the opportunities that the life puts in front of you. It is a sweet funny story told by two very different, but somehow very similar characters, that needs to collaborate in order to achieve their goal. 

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