“Deal Breaker” Directed by JJ Miller (Missouri)

By Mikel Fair / a few months ago
Poster Deal Breaker JJ Miller

A Ghostly Comedy Film By JJ Miller

“Deal Breaker” Directed by JJ Miller (Missouri) is a comedy film with a horror film genre influence. This film is an official selection of the Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2018. This film was also an official selection of the Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018. Watch the trailer! Synopsis "A man struggles to rent out the spare room in his apartment due to a deal breaker."

Director's Biography: JJ Miller

Born in Indiana, I spent much of my childhood around the quaint town of Nashville, surrounded by the rolling hills of southern Indiana. I moved around a bit during my teenage years. Also I played guitar in some bands and acted in some theater. But most importantly, I developed a passion for film and film making.

Eventually, this passion led me to St. Louis, Missouri. Where I received a bachelors in film with a minor in screenwriting from Webster University. A small liberal arts college. Despite being born in Indiana, I have called St. Louis home for the past ten years.

I currently write feature screenplays and short stories. As well as, create short films, and dabble in songwriting in my free time. I travel the country as an aerial survey photographer for work. Currently, I am looking to transition into more creative work full time

Director's Statement: JJ Miller

I have recently been working with local comedians on more comedic short film projects. But my goal as a writer director is to tell unique stories that bend genres. Specifically, I'd like to focus on dramatic stories with strong comedic moments. As well as,  occasionally elements of Sci-fi and fantasy. I am heavily inspired by music and photography and books and often find these interests help inform my work.

I believe that films should take the viewer on not just an emotional journey, but one that is enjoyable. I also believe in telling stories that are relatable and easy to connect with. I like writing characters that are representations of us as we are and not an idealized version of reality.

My ultimate goal is to become a storyteller, regardless of medium. That can weave tales that help expose the often hidden beauty and magic of our shared human experience while also having fun.

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