“Don’t Look Into Their Eyes” Directed by John Rhee

By Mikel Fair / 8 months ago
Don't Look Into Their Eyes Screenshot 04 Oregon Scream Week 2018

Adrenaline Pumping Intensity By John Rhee

Director John Rhee has produced a film with intense action and scary moments that leaves the audience wanting more. The sound and visuals in this short horror film are outstanding. "Don't Look Into Their Eyes" is an official selection of the Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2018. Furthermore, this film is the winner of the Best Sound Design Award and an official selection of Oregon Scream Week 2018.

Synopsis: Don't Look Into Their Eyes

Clock strikes noon. Edie is under the bed. It's her safe space, her resting place. She rests for the day but a creek from the door jerks her awake. Any noise or open doors and window is unsafe for her. She decides to investigate, the front door is open. Its latched deadbolt is preventing it from closing properly. She crawls over to close the door. Deadbolt unlatched, gentle push... the door doesn't close. She tries a few time, increasing in force, but something is preventing it from closing. She peers around the door, a demon is standing propped right up against it. She screeches, crawling away from it as fast as she can.

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Synopsis: Don't Look Into Their Eyes (Part 2)

Edie rushes back under the bed. Covering her mouth and trying not to make any sounds, she hears the demon slithering closer and closer towards her, but than silence. She doesn't here anything. Poking a small peep hole through the divider that's on the foot of her bed, she peeks. The demon is standing still in the hallway unaware of her position. Something falls covering the peep hole. She jumps back thinking she might have been caught, but nothing. She goes back to her peep hole. Upon closer inspection, it's just a throw blanket that had fallen. She sticks her finger through the hole clearing the obstruction. She peeks through the hole again. This time the demon is not there, an empty hallway. Than another object falls covering the hole. She checks, another form of obstruction, she sticks her finger trying to clear it. It's out of reach. It's the very demon upside down on its head looking back at her through the peep hole.

Don't Look Into Their Eyes Screenshot 05 Oregon Scream Week 2018
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