“Door To Door” Directed by Kevin Etherson

By Mikel Fair / 7 months ago
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A Comedy Film With A Science Fiction Twist

"Door To Door" directed by Kevin Etherson is an Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Spring 2018 Official Selection. A fun performance by actors James Best and Willy Appleman make this film a great ride. Reminiscent of The Twilight Zone and Scrooge, but delivers a nice message as well. Synopsis "When a door-to-door salesman shows up selling time machines James is forced to revisit some of his memories and reevaluate his life."

Director's Biography: Kevin Etherson

Kevin Etherson is a director, writer, producer, and editor who is really good at uploading videos to YouTube. Kevin is currently a producer on the truTV series Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes and was previously the head-producer and director of UCB Comedy's narrative series team, Three-Thirds and their music video sketch team, The Backyard.

Kevin has directed and produced short films, music videos, commercials, and original series for truTV, Above Average, Funny or Die, CollegeHumor, and that person who's on your improv team. His work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Splitsider, IFC, and blogs across the osphere.

Kevin is a co-founder of Thursday Shoots, a production group based out of New York. Together they have produced hundreds of videos, 3 of which his parents were proud of.

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Director's Statement: Kevin Etherson

"Door to Door" was originally conceived, filmed, edited, and completed for the 48 Hour Film Project based in NYC. Obviously, when trying to complete something in such a short amount of time, you have to let go of the more precious parts of the filmmaking process. With so much happening at once, my focus needed to be split in a few different places. At times, I was running from set after blocking a scene to approve VFX designs with the editors. I learned that quick decision making is key, because you don't really have to time to make the wrong choice.

James Best, Willy Appelman, and Dayna Johns brought so much life to each of their roles. They had only a few hours of character development before we started filming. The cast put an enormous amount of trust in me to steer them to achieve my vision amidst all the chaos. Jumping from scene to scene and flying through pages of the script without much time to rehearse, the cast did a tremendous job keeping their performances true to their characters through the busy day.

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Director's Statement (continued): Kevin Etherson

Tom Capps and Michael Mercadante’s script was constantly changing through rewrites and improvising on set. Their flexibility to make those changes and their comedic expertise was something I leaned on heavily while filming and even in the edit.

It was a very hectic 48 hours, to say the least, but what I took away from the experience is how important it is to have trust in the people you’re working with. I was lucky enough to work with a fantastic crew that always made sure that we weren’t compromising on the important aspects of the film. They were just as devoted and passionate as I was about making “Door to Door.”

Everyone involved with creating “Door to Door” has put in an enormous amount of work on the film. Their dedication was incredible. So incredible in fact, that when we finally recovered from not sleeping for over 48-hours, we decided to go back and continue working on the film. I owe everyone involved with this production a great deal of thanks for their support, their talent, and probably the years off their lives that these 48-hour festivals tend to take away.

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