“Inside The House” Directed by Dycee Wildman & Jennifer Bonior

By Mikel Fair / 8 months ago
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80's Slashers Are Back!

"Inside The House" directed by Dycee Wildman and Jennifer Bonior is an official selection of "Horror Film Thursdays" and will screen on February 15, 2018. A hot and steamy throwback 80's slasher film takes an unpredictable twist. Tagline "It's best to keep your eyes open when you're home alone."

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Director's Biography: Dycee Wildman and Jennifer Bonior

Dycee Wildman and Jennifer Bonior live in Nashville, TN and spend all of their free time making short films with a spooky or horrible twist under the name Dasiy Dukes Films. Wildman, a Nashville native, and Bonior, from San Jose, bring very different backgrounds and styles to their projects. Their ongoing collaboration has been born out of a joyful love of creation and a shared delight in all things scary and strange. While both women make things separately when their powers combine wild and wonderful films are the result.

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Director's Statement: Dycee Wildman and Jennifer Bonior

"Inside The House" is not only a play on 80's slasher classics, like "Halloween," it's also a commentary on the world we live in today. We're quick to judge and label something or someone else as dangerous but we are reticent to step back and see what part we play in our own peril. Neglecting our responsibility to protect, not only ourselves but also others, only perpetuates the danger. It's all too often true that our worst wounds are self-inflicted.

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