“My Loyal Audience” Directed by Megan Seely (Florida)

By Mikel Fair / 6 months ago
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Triple Threat Megan Seely: Writer, Director, Actress Delivers A Fun Comedy Film

The comedy film "My Loyal Audience" Directed by Megan Seely (Florida) is an official selection of the Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018. Synopsis "In this dark comedy, a teenage girl at Thanksgiving chats politely with her over-protective family, but turns to the camera and tells the audience her true feelings, which are much darker and sexually confused. When tensions rise, she runs outside and meets an alluring stranger who is also getting some air from his family dinner. She turns to the camera and tells the audience she wants to sleep with him. We won't spoil what happens next..."

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Director Megan Seely Biography

Megan Seely is a writer/director/actress, who just completed her MFA in Film Production at USC. Through the numerous original works she has created for both the screen and stage, she has honed her ability to use dark comedy to reveal unspoken everyday truths. She has worked closely with her heroes at Borderline Films (Sean Durkin, Antonio Campos, Josh Mond), interned for a summer in development at Indian Paintbrush (Wes Anderson’s company), and spent time as an assistant to an adult theatrical agent at AEF Talent Agency. Her first job ever on a film set was as a set dresser and actor in a feature directed by James Franco. Recently, she reunited with this creator when she was chosen as a member of a Writer’s Room led by James, in which she served as a co-writer and core collaborator for a feature currently being picked up for distribution, starring Camilla Belle, Summer Phoenix, Dominic Rains, and James Franco. She has also worked with legendary acting coach Harry Mastrogeorge every week for the past two and a half years. Prior to USC, she studied film and theatre at Vanderbilt University, during which she had her play produced by professionals at Playhouse Nashville and spent a semester abroad at the University of Edinburgh (her second home). This film, My Loyal Audience, is the achievement of a life-long goal: a dark comedy which she has written, directed, and starred in. www.meganseelyfilm.com

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Megan Seely Director's Statement

At its core, My Loyal Audience is about the desperate lengths people go to protect each other from the truth, and the vulnerability that comes with being seen for who you truly are. While I have always been obsessed with movies, I have realized over time that there are very few examples on the screen of a true experience of being a female in this world. The depictions of strong women protagonists were often impossibly strong and sometimes less easy to relate to than the ridiculously weak ones. They made the younger me want to be more like the character, and less like myself. There are many reasons why I am on this path, and one that stands out to me right now as I bring this into the world is the strong desire to connect with a woman on screen; to share what the strangeness, uncertainty, and vulnerability of being a human being feels like, at least for me. As I am writing, directing, and acting in this film, I will also finally have a character that, in this case, literally looks like me. This film stemmed from my “moment of greatest shame,” and I hope that by sharing such a vulnerable experience through the magic of storytelling and comedy, others can laugh and relate and we will all feel a little more at peace.

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