“Piotr” Directed by Zuzanna Kopacka (United Kingdom)

By Mikel Fair / a few months ago
Piotr Directed by Zuzanna Kopacka (United Kingdom) Poster

Treating Depressing With MMA training?

First of all, Piotr, Directed by Zuzanna Kopacka, is a 2018 Oregon Documentary Film Festival Official Selection. Furthermore, this depression documentary won the Best International Director Award. Above all, Piotr, gives an interesting insight into one man's self treatment of depression. "Fighting vulnerability, depression and stereotypes; Piotr’s monologue expresses how MMA and Art harmonize to achieve equilibrium in his life." 

Director's Biography: Zuzanna Kopacka

First of all, Zuza's directing debut would encapsulate her approach and ideologies in filmmaking. Therefore, portraying her contributors' journey through visual metaphors and innovative soundscapes. Furthermore, Zuza captures and enhances the real essence and emotion related to one’s story. Working closely with her team, Zuza inspires and encourages creative freedom. While ensuring that every aspect and element of production works fluently. As a result, structuring a piece that ensures each shot, sound, cut and color. Even more, this adds a greater depth and meaning to the piece as a whole.

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