“The Offensive Halloween Costume” Directed by Michael Napolitano

By Mikel Fair / 6 months ago
The Offensive Halloween Costume 01 Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Spring 2018 WP

"The Offensive Halloween Costume" Lives Up To It's Name

The comedy film "The Offensive Halloween Costume" Directed by Michael Napolitano (Florida) is an official selection of the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Spring 2018. The judges felt like this short had it's own sick, racist, strange kind of humor that probably wasn't obvious in the beginning. This film was also nominated for the "Most Original Concept" Award. This film probably got one of the biggest laughs at the festival in my view. Tagline "Man wants to wear a controversial Halloween costume to a party. His friends disapprove."

Director's Statement: Michael Napolitano

“The Offensive Halloween Costume” is a project we were very excited about even if a bit apprehensive. It was only our second project together and although we thought the script was gold, we weren’t sure we could pull it off. The material is a bit sensitive, and despite the title, we didn’t actually want to offend anybody. Luckily, our all volunteer cast and crew (all awesome friends) came through and we were able to create something that lives up to our vision. We hope audiences will enjoy the humor in this film, but also appreciate it for examining the question. “What does it mean to be offended?”

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