“Ambition” Written By Jess Collett (United Kingdom)

By Mikel Fair / 6 months ago
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A Brilliant And Dark Screenplay By Jess Collett

"Ambition" Written By Jess Collett (United Kingdom) is an official selection of the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Spring 2018. Synopsis "When Stella accidentally kills her colleague MR CHUBBS, a miserable, alcoholic clown, she is set off on a path of delusion and destruction."

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Ambition by Jess Collette Synopsis

A dark comedy, about one woman's obsession with becoming a children’s TV presenter and the cost of fulfilling her Ambition. STELLA works as a runner for a production company, but has always wanted to be a children’s TV presenter, believing it to be her destiny, her calling.  When Stella accidentally kills her colleague MR CHUBBS, a miserable, alcoholic clown, she is set off on a path of delusion and destruction.  Stella begins to hallucinate that Mr Chubbs’ puppet sidekick ‘FREDDIE THE FROG’ is speaking to her and encouraging her to remove anyone that stands her way.  This includes her sushi demanding boss ANTONIA and the newly appointed vacuous presenter VERONIKA JUICE.  Stella is convinced she is in control of her destiny, but at what cost?

Jess Collett Writer's Biography

 trained at Rose Bruford college and have been working as an actress since. 
I have been writing and performing comedy since in 2014, starting with short film Liz & Richard (which I also co-directed and produced and subsequently discovered it’s a good idea to have a TEAM rather than try to do everything yourself!) 
Recently I have been working on characters in webseries: Namaste with Clementine Day (& friends) which is featured on the British Comedy Guide. And I play Bex in Over It which I co-wrote with Gabriella Parsons, directed by Ita FitzGerald. Other writing credits include short Replacement which I co-wrote with an actor’s co-lab in Sydney, Australia and No. 22 which I co-wrote with Tolu Stedman and Louise Ann Munro

Links: www.jesscollett.com and www.spotlight.com/5817-5644-5978

Jess Collett Writer's Statement

I’ve been hugely inspired and influenced by writer / actors Julia Davis and Alice Lowe. Being particularly impressed when the latter wrote, directed and starred in a feature film whilst being pregnant! I have also been influenced by shows like Black Mirror and Flowers. I am always drawn to comedy and I think it’s an important and sometimes underrated way of finding human connection.

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