“Pine” Written by Jeffrey Morin

By Mikel Fair / a few months ago
Pine Jeffrey Morin

A Poetic Screenplay From Jeffrey Morin

"Pine" written by Jeffrey Morin (Wisconsin) is an official selection of the Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2018Synopsis "PINE" is a poetic view of a relationship that crosses cotenants. In the deep south of the US and war torn Iraq, an unlikely pairing of two, an American soldier and an Iraqi student exchange themselves in a utopian cloud, while historic opinion penetrates their union.

Jeffrey Morin: Writer's Biography Part One

Hi, I’m Jeffrey Morin, a seasoned poet and playwright. I’ve studied theater and drama, acting and playwriting at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and was part of an elite actor’s training program one of 10 students selected. This training established a strong foundation of the skills I needed to tell good story. My original plays were produced in the Milwaukee and Madison, many with a video
backdrop that took the audiences to the location while actors performed on the stage.

In 2010 I switched to writing for the screen and since have secured some wins at a number of international film festival and screenwriting competitions. Some of the first place honors have come from; Nevada Film Festival 2010 for Best Feature Screenplay, Amsterdam Film Festival 2015 winner of the Van Gogh Award for Best Feature Film Screenplay, Madrid International Film Festival 2016 for Best Unproduced Script, Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes 2016 Best Shot Screenplay, Austria International Film Festival 2017 Screenplay Competition. Among other selections and awards, some short films have also had international showings. These honors for multiple scripts shows me that the voice of my characters has a universal appeal and that provides me with incentive to keep going.

Jeffrey Morin: Writer's Biography Part Two

I try to cut my stories and cultural issues differently than others, in ways that have not been seen before, revealing characters that come from darkness and move to a light in a way audiences can relate. Poetry is a strong voice for me and I twist poetic word up inside my stories that color my character in a unique way. Like most screenwriters, I enjoy the festivals, meeting fellow theater and film artists, and am still looking for representation and connections to the big production companies that have the potential to produce my stories in a way that I believe they deserve to be brought to life. Anyway, thanks for allowing me to share just a bit of my mission to tell good story! 

Jeffrey Morin: Writer's Statement

The story behind creating “PINE” came from the song “Strange Fruit”, sung by Billie Holiday in 1939. Though our history provides disgusting moments as these, I am not so convinced that we have risen above such behavior. The current pressing political hail storm of aggression toward Muslim people brought “Strange Fruit” back to the surface and laid the foundation for this story. We can only move beyond the mistakes of our past if we address current circumstances in different ways. I felt obliged to tell this story in my way and I am thankful that voice is now being heard, at least in festivals and competitions. 

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