“We’re Men Of Old Age” Written By Scott Dissinger

By Mikel Fair / 6 months ago
We're Men of Old Age Screenwriter Scott Dissinger 02 Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2017

A Clever Screenplay By Scott Dissinger

"We're Men Of Old Age" is a short comedy screenplay by Scott Dissinger. Synopsis "Two elderly men discuss and reminisce about their declining years and their former past youth which heartens an impulse of off-the-wall spontaneity of juvenescence."

We're Men of Old Age Screenwriter Scott Dissinger 01 Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2017

Writer's Biography: Scott Dissinger

Scott Dissinger first got interested in filmmaking during his junior year in high school. It was there he enrolled in his school's Film/Television Production program where he was involved in the production of the school's news broadcasts and recruiting videos and it wasn't long before he was in charge of the entire media department. This led to a year long paid internship with the local educational television station WPDS, where he worked as an assistant producer on Tampa Bay Rays broadcasts as well as other programming. During his senior year, Scott wrote, produced, and directed his first project, 'Mac the Knife', a short film based on the legendary Bobby Darin song by the same name. In spite of his lack of experience, he managed to secure rights to use the music from Warner Bros. Music Group and the movie went on to win Best Drama at the 2005 FAME Awards.

After high school, Scott attended the Academy of Art University for 2 years in completing numerous online film courses but left and went on studying with independent film producer and director, Thomas D. Thompson. The first project they produced together was the short film, 'In the Shadows' which went on to win 1st place in the Summer Film Challenge sponsored by the Clearwater Film Festival. For his “final exam” under the tutelage of Mr. Thompson, Scott was charged with the task of writing and directing a short film to be produced with his first professional cast and crew. The result was 'The Policy of Murder' which was completed in September 2010, as it was now up to the audience to determine his final grade. After completing 'The Policy of Murder' it made its official premiere in September 2011 at the Clearwater Film Festival. Scott took time away from film and attended St. Petersburg College for Business Entrepreneurship, which his business plan through the entire program was establishing a film production company which was a year long intense program to which earned his verified certification in Business Entrepreneurship which he graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

Now, after a few years from being away from his true passion, Scott is back working and planning to get back into the fold of the world of film and achieve his ultimate goals in making it as a professional filmmaker in writing, directing, and producing. Since getting back into film, he has been hard at work developing feature and short projects. So, far he has done 5 multi-award winning and nominated short scripts he has written, which are called 'A Courage to Continue', 'In the Open Sea', 'True Colors', 'We're Men of Old Age', and 'The Marathon Runner' which have made it into numerous film festivals throughout the festival cycle and continue to do so. Scott is currently working on other writing projects with his latest completion being the short script he's recently written known as 'Mysterious Man of Croglin Grange' which is currently beginning to go through the festival cycle. He's progressively working on several other projects (shorts, pilots, and features) in hopes to find a way to break into the industry.

Writer's Statement: Scott Dissinger

The anecdote of 'We're Men of Old Age' has a coming-of-age vibe about two senior men discussing and reminiscing their declining years and their former past youth which heartens a spontaneous impulse of off-the-wall juvenescence. The comedic yarn of 'We're Men of Old Age' is how even at the golden years of our lives, there is an inner second childhood in us all, even if, it brings out our innate childish stupidities. But with a humorous reminder from 'We're Men of Old Age' is that you appear only old on the outside but on the inside, you're only as old as you want to be, as it is up to one's self to keep our intrinsic youthfulness alive and impelling in which this jocular and intuitive parable hopes to bestow and contribute to all.

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