Morgan Leinwohl: Comedy Film Director and Screenwriter

By Mikel Fair / 6 months ago
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"Broga: Yoga For Bros!" Directed by Morgan Leinwohl

"Broga: Yoga For Bros!" Directed by Morgan Leinwohl (California) is an official selection of the Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2018. This film is also an official selection of the Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018Synopsis “It's time to shavasana all over the place with "BROGA: Yoga for Bros!", the world's first ever at-home Yoga program made for bros."

Sometimes New Yorkers Can Be Too Helpful

"Helpful New Yorker" comedy screenplay written by Morgan Leinwohl (Facebook) is an official selection of the Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018. Tagline " When Mikey visits NYC on Spring Break, he never realized how much New Yorkers love talking about their knowledge of the subway system. Coming this Halloween ... You'll get very specific directions to New York landmarks in "Helpful New Yorker."

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Writer's Biography: Morgan Leinwohl

Morgan Leinwohl is a Los Angeles-based actor/writer/comedian, and was just named as his Grandma Grace’s “favorite, most handsome, most talented comedian she’s related too”. Morgan is a grad of the Second City’s “Comedy Studies” program, and The Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center's National Theatre Institute. Both much colder locations that his hometown of LA. Some of Morgan’s highlights as a performer include being cast in workshops for the upcoming Tituss Burgess-penned musical, “The Preacher’s Wife”, singing opera at the Glimmerglass Opera Festival, and working with Morgan Freeman on his TV show, “Through the Wormhole”. As a writer, his biggest accomplishments include having an original sketch of his performed on the Second City MainStage, and writing/producing/directing/starring in his original web- series. For more info, please call his Grandma Grace before 7:30 PM, Eastern Time.

Writer's Statement: Morgan Leinwohl

One day, I asked a man on a subway how to get to St. Marks Street. I wanted to get some dumplings. The man stopped everything he was doing to tell me every possible option of how to get to this location. He took so long, that once I got to my stop, he didn't want to stop. Than he ate my brains. JK. That didn't happen. But it made me think ... "Why do New Yorkers take such a pride in knowing the subway and how to get places? What if I made that into a zombie movie?" I give you ... "Helpful New Yorker" ... Coming this Halloween

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