“Insignificant” Dark Comedy Screenplay Written By Wendy Wilkins

By Mikel Fair / a few months ago
Insignificant Dark Comedy Screenplay Wendy Wilkins

Wendy Wilkins Dark Comedy About A Crime Gone Wrong.

First of all, "Insignificant" written by Wendy Wilkins is an official selection of the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Spring 2018. This screenplay is also the winner of the Best Dark Comedy Short Screenplay Award. I enjoyed this screenplay because of the comedic situations ands dark humor. Synopsis "In a desperate move, a middle-aged Filipino-American man kidnaps a rich, middle-aged white lady thinking she’s his only option to thwarting his mother’s deportation but quickly regrets his actions when she proves to be no helpless victim."

Writer's Biography: Wendy Wilkins

Wendy Wilkins, an award-winning screenwriter, filmmaker and comedian who hails from the rural area of upstate New York. At age ten, she began writing and recording her own short films and music videos on VHS. Furthermore, creating Laughtears, her college television station’s first (and only) original drama series.

Settling in Los Angeles, Wendy continued creating her own projects while working in the industry. At the age of twenty-three, her first screenplay became a semi-finalist for the Sundance Filmmakers’ Lab. She went on to become a finalist for the 2003 ABC/Disney Writing Fellowship. Two years later she was asked to join the Warner Brothers Writers’ Workshop. Her screenplay, Backseat Debutantes, was a top ten pick for Final Draft’s ‘Big Break’ Screenplay Contest.  Even more, her third screenplay, Where The Men Are, garnered finalist spots in ten contests. Including the first Women In Film/Meryl Streep Writers Lab.

Writer's Biography: Wendy Wilkins (Continued)

Wendy's most recent original television pilot, a one-hour drama/sci-fi entitled, HOMETOWN, has heated up the competition circuit. With finalist wins in Live Read/LA, Austin Revolution Film Festival, Filmmaker.com, Nashville Film Festival and New York Screenplay Contest. In November, the original pilot garnered her the ISA Fast Track VI Fellowship. Furthermore Wendy won the Best Short Screenplay for the Space and Time Film Festival.

Wendy is also a prolific filmmaker. Before the internet, she directed and produced three nationwide, festival-playing, award-winning short films. In 2015, she became a film finalist for the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship. Four of Wendy’s television pilots have been produced as live shows at the iO West theatre. Her post-apocolyptic tale, One More Day, turned into a radio play.

Wendy Wilkins: Personal Life

Never one to waste time, Wendy has also won multiple stand-up competitions, is a regular on LA’s spoken word circuit and contributes comedic short stories to numerous podcasts. Wendy is an avid hiker. She picks up trash on every trail she walks because once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout.

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